Learn How to Recover Windows Hard Drive Data

There are many OS available in market such as Windows, Mac, LINUX, and UNIX. Among all operating system Windows is the most popular one. Most of the computer users prefer using Windows OS, as it is having simple graphical user interface. But, now-a-days none of the OS is left which is totally immune from data loss scenarios. Data loss due to formatting of system hard drive is became quite common among Windows users and still the people are in doubt that weather recovery is possible or not or if yes then how to recover files from Windows hard drive?

Let’s consider a simple scenario it will help you to come out from dilemma. One day you turn on your system to check out some documents, but you get shocked after finding this that you are unable to access those files. I know it is such a threat full moment, but this is what users face in their day to day life. At this situation formatting a hard drive is an easiest option, which users usually adopt. Formatting a drive will erase each and every file from it. If you are experiencing such situation, where due to hard drive corruption you have to format you drive data, then don’t get upset, because data from formatted hard drive can be easily recovered back by using Windows recovery tool.  

Formatting a drive doesn’t mean that you lost your files permanently and you never get it back. In reality files is actually not removed and present somewhere in hard drive itself. Only the pointers which are directing to the address location of the deleted files are removed or set as free. Therefore, there is a possibility to recover data from formatted drive, if that vacant space is not overwritten with the new files.

There are so many scenarios which lead to formatting and cause data loss file system corruption is one of them. Every storage drive has its some particular file system, which have a record of each and every files /folders stored in it. If this file system gets crashed / corrupt the files present in the drive became inaccessible. To sort out this problem make use of Windows recovery tool.

Virus or malware attack on hard drive, bring inaccessibility of the drive and to make it readable users have to format it and suffer huge data loss. To handle this issue, Windows recovery tool is the most suitable option. This tool has built with special inbuilt scanning algorithm. These algorithms will deeply scan the entire formatted drive and restores all erased files.

If you are using an authorized tool to correct data, the tool may delete the file in case of severe corruption. If you don’t possess a backup then you definitely use Windows recovery software. In addition to this OS re-installation, files transfer error, OS crash, hard drive, emptying Recycle Bin, deleting a file using Shift + delete combination are some other reasons which ends up with file loss.

In-spite of above mentioned scenarios, there are many more scenarios which still unknown and occur randomly. To tackle such known and unknown windows recovery tool is the right choice. This software is the most effective Windows recovery application. You didn’t face any difficulty while using the software because the software manual contains snapshots also, which will guide you in using the tool. Through preview option you can preview your recovered files before saving. Get trial version of this tool first and estimate the probability of recovery. If you’re satisfied with trial version outcome, then go for the licensed version of the tool to save recovered data.

Precautions that must be followed

  • Make sure that you have backup your crucial files, before custom installation or re-installation of Windows 7 OS.
  • Use UPS in order to avoid sudden system turn off, it also direct you towards minimizing OS corruption as well as other file damages as a result of sudden switch off.
  • Install antivirus in your PC or laptop to protect it from virus attack.
  • Please stop using the hard disk after facing data loss and make sure you do not save any data to the hard disk.