How to Recover Photos From Android?

android-photo-recoveryPhoto loss scenario in android device is common due to various reasons. You may lose your precious photos sometimes and try to get back it, but you will be failed. In such situation don’t go for a second thought of losing your pictures permanently.

Recovery tool will hold your hand in such scenarios and successfully retrieves photos from android.

What are the scenarios behind the photo loss or photo deletion from android device?

  • Scenario 1: Knowingly or unknowingly deleting the photos is the major human mistakes which results in the enormous amount of photos to be lost.
  • Scenario 2:  Formatting the android device unintentionally leads to the permanent deletion of photos.
  • Scenario 3: Virus/Malware attack may spread rapidly all over the device, they may either corrupt the photos or sometimes photos might get deleted.
  • Scenario 4: While transferring photos from phone memory card to System or vice-versa, an abrupt shutdown in the system may cause the photos to lose.
  • Scenario 5:  Improper cut and paste method will also results in the deletion of photos.
  • Scenario 6: Capturing a picture while battery is low, sometimes a picture may not be saved.

In any of the above scenario, if you have lost pictures: do not worry!!! And don’t spare a second thought; how to recover photos from android?

 Photo recovery from android can be achieved easily by using external recovery toolkit which scans the entire android drive indeed and helps to retrieve photos from android device in a few simple steps without any level of difficulty.

How to recover photos from android?

Photo recovery from the android device is quite simple, just follow the below procedure to retrieve the images.

  • Download and install android photo recovery software on your operating system.
  • Later, connect the android device from where you wanted to recover photos and the application.
  • Select the Recover Photos option from the main screen window.
  • Choose either Recover Deleted Photos or Recover Lost Photos option from the next screen window based on the image loss situation from your android device.
  • Select the android drive from the list of drives and proceed further with Next
  • Scanning process to recover photos from android will be initiated; after successful completion of the scan, you can preview the restored images.
  • Purchase the software to save all retrieved pictures on the desired location.

Key features of Photo recovery software:

  • This software easily helps to recover the deleted pictures/lost pictures from the android device easily.
  • This software easily retrieve deleted/lost photos from USB Flash drives, DSLR Camera, iPods etc.
  • The photos which get deleted from SD card, memory card, CF, XD card, SDHC card etc. can also be recovered efficiently.
  • Various media formats like MP3, MIDI, and MP4 etc. can be recovered without any issues.
  • Various picture formats like GIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG etc. can be retrieved without hassle.

Be aware!!!!!!

  • Secure your android device against the harmful virus by using effective anti-virus application.
  • Unnecessary do not format the android device or the memory card.
  • Aware of cut-paste method.