Tool to Fix Quicktime MOV File

If QuickTime files get corrupted or damaged don’t worry because there is impeccable repair software available in the market which can fix any video having different kind of file codecs (AVC1, AVC, MOV or MP4). Application is specially designed to support unplayable, corrupted, damaged QuickTime file both on Mac and Windows PC’s/ laptops.

Fix QuickTime File tool is an advanced tool which can be used to fix damaged or corrupted QuickTime file very easily. It can resolve all issues related to audio- video out of sync, corrupted movie header, green screen problem (video invisible) in no time. This software uses efficient way to resolve above issues and makes the video playable.

fix QuickTime file

What are common problems generated with the QuickTime MOV file?

Corrupted movie header: File header contains vital information regarding that particular file like its name, date, size, modified date, extension etc. If header is corrupted, then there are more chances that the file gets corrupted. The header is usually corrupted due to a downloading error or virus attack.

Audio-video out of sync:  When you play a movie, you find audio and video of that file are not synchronized i.e. Video might play ahead of audio or audio runs ahead of video. The reasons could be, converting one file type to another using an unreliable third-party application or downloading a corrupted file from the internet.

Error 8971: This error generated, due to codec issues or may be the file is corrupted due to sudden system shutdown, incomplete download or interrupted video transfer.

Green screen problem:  After downloading MOV file from the internet and when you play it, you can hear the audio but video is not visible, you are able to view only green screen instead.

Salient Features of Fix QuickTime MOV File

Fix QuickTime File can fix MOV files, thus you can use it to repair MOV file which has been corrupted due to many reasons. The feature of this application is its read only nature which does not let being any modification on original MOV file. Besides of fixing corrupted MOV file, it can repair several error messages. Thus it can fix QuickTime Error 8971 quickly. There are numerous cameras available in the market, which generates MOV file thus it can fix MOV files and other popular cameras MOV file without any difficulty. This software has simple GUI which helps to fix QuickTime file with utmost ease. Thus its interactive GUI does not let you worry about how to fix MOV QuickTime file which are unplayable. After finishing repairing QuickTime MOV file, you can preview repaired file and check if it fixed or not. After satisfying with performance of software, you can save QuickTime MOV file to any storage device as per your convenience.

Note: In demo version of fix QuickTime file software, you can even test the application before purchasing full version. You can Preview the fixed MOV files in this version and if you are satisfied with repaired files then you can ‘Save’ them on your system.

Simple Procedure to Fix Audio Video Sync Problems in MP4 Video File

Assume that, you are watching your favorite video, and suddenly your audio and video are not getting synchronized due to some problems but you couldn’t find the cause for this problem. Don’t worry! This problem may happen to many users. Some of the common scenarios for non-synchronized audio video problems are stated below:

  • Sometimes, the length of the video frames will be more in number when compared to the length of the audio frame, due to which the audio and video may not get synchronized.
  • In some occasions, playing the video file in a totally incompatible version of the media player may cause the file to get damaged. As a result of this situation the files may not get synchronized.
  • Sometime changing of file formats may result in damaging of your media file. Say for example, you are converting your MP4 into a MPEG file in an inappropriate manner, at this situation your file may get damaged.
  • Improper encoding of video files may also result in audio video mismatch.
  • Sometimes there are chances for the corruption of header of your video file. If the header of a video file gets corrupted, then your entire file may be lost or deleted.
  • Outdated video card and sound card may also results in the mismatching of audio video files.

If your media file got damaged and there is a problem in audio video synchronization, then one of the above stated situations will be the cause for your problem.

The best tool for fixing audio video sync problems in MP4 File:

If your media file got damaged and you are looking to fix audio video out of sync issues in MP4 file, then Repair Mp4 tool allows you to repair your damaged media file and fixes the audio video synchronization problem in an effective way. This tool also fixes corrupted MOV files and allows you to access your file normally. To fix these problems, this Repair Mp4 tool separates out the audio and video data streams separately, repairs them and finally joins them together to create a healthy MP4 file. It is simple to fix audio video sync problems in MP4 file with the help of this recovery tool.

Why to prefer this tool?

  • This tool does not repairs the source file directly. Instead of that, it copies the content of the original file,    repairs it and then creates a new fresh copy of that file.
  • It can repair file from different types of hard risk like IDE, SCSI, SATA and flash memory cards.
  • With the help of this tool, damaged or corrupted DIVIX, AVI and XVID file formats can be fixed.
  • The fixed file format can be played in both Windows as well as Mac.
  • This Repair Mp4 tool comes with a demo version, that repairs corrupted file and allows you to preview the  repaired file. This enables you to evaluate the trial version before purchasing the full version software.

How to Repair Corrupt MOV file?

Nowadays most people get refreshed by watching movies and videos on their computers, mobiles and other multimedia devices. They sometimes get frustrated because of some movie files got corrupted due to any issues like playing videos on unsupported media player, harmful virus attack on movie files, corrupted movie headers, etc. The term file format means a file extension by which we can save files on your computer’s hard drive. There are various movie file formats are available like AVI, MKV, WMV, etc. but MOV file format is most preferred one amongst them.

It is necessary to install QuickTime player on Mac or Windows operating systems for playing MOV file. Though initially QuickTime player is first introduced for Mac operating system as a part of Mac installation later it was available for Windows operating system also as third party application. MOV file format is broadly used for storing audio files, 3D animation files, music files and many more. Its headache when you realize that MOV file get corrupted and it’s not playing and you get annoyed because you had spent much time to download that file, in such condition you might think how to repair corrupt MOV file?. Then make use of MOV file Repair Software.

Causes of MOV file corruption:

  • While you downloading a MOV Video file at that time videos might get corrupted due to CRC (Cyclic redundancy check) error, and if this problem takes place then it will eventually corrupt the MOV file.
  • MOV files get corrupt when you playing that MOV file on any inappropriate or unauthenticated media player.
  • When you compressing a MOV file by some unreliable software or application then there is a strong chance of damaging the MOV file.
  • Virus contamination or the malicious code may be the main reason behind corruption of MOV file. If your system has exposed to any unsafe source like virus infected external storage device, visiting the unauthorized website, these are some possible reasons of MOV file corruption.
  • Main reason behind corruption of MOV file is “corrupted MOV header” which may lead MOV file made unable to play on QuickTime player.

You may duly avoid the corruption of MOV file by opting some precautionary measures like avoid playing MOV file on any unreliable Media player, installing anti-virus software on system to restrict virus to enter in system, ensuring the uninterrupted file transfer process.

Proficient Features of MOV File Repair Software:

This tool has automatic repair option which separates audio and video data streams and adjoins them to create playable video file. MOV File Repair Utility supports almost all audio and video codecs such as RAW, MP4, 3GP, MPEG, MPEG2, etc. this proficient tool has the capability to repair truncated files or files which are get abruptly finalized by the camera because of faulty firmware. It can support recovery on all recent versions of Windows operating system including Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista and all latest versions of Mac including Leopard, Snow leopard, Lion, etc. If you want know about how to fix the audio delay in MP4 video then click here:

Tips to repair MOV files

Mac OS is one of the most popular and widely used operating system across the world. The main reason for using this Mac operating system is because it uses graphical user interface instead of command line interface. Mac OS supports many types of multimedia players and also supports different file formats.

There are many file extensions such as .m4a, .m4p, .mp4v and many more. Like the other file types these MOV files also get corrupted due to many reasons. The most important reasons for MOV files corruption are as follows:

Abrupt system shut down: Sometimes when you shut down suddenly your system that is when your MOV file is in playing mode means when you are in use of that particular file. By this time the header and file structure of MP4 file gets damaged and also corrupted.

Corruption due to virus attacks: Third party files like external viruses can cause damage to these files. In those scenarios it will affect some parts of the media files. Also in turn it results in the corruption of the MOV files.

Abruptly removing the storage devices: Sometimes you may try to transfer some MOV files from your system to any other storage device. If at that time of transfer you suddenly remove that storage device without following any safety measurements like safely remove hardware device then there are many chances of corruption of MOV files.

To get rid of above mentioned loss situations the main thing you need to perform is that you should not store any MOV file in damaged media storage devices. Also you need to check the condition of MOV files before going to transfer or even storing them. There is a software by which you can easily repair all your corrupted files which is Repair MOV Software.

Features of Repair MOV Software:

This software has the capability to repair corrupted, damaged MOV, MP4 files which are not able to play on Quick Time Player.  It can repair corrupted MP4 and MOV files that are damaged due to some unknown camera faults. By using this MOV repair tool you can easily preview the repaired files before they are saved.

 Steps to download this software:

Step 1: Download and install the repair software firstly. Now you will come across a screen from which you need to click on “Open” button by doing so you can upload the damaged MOV files which are to be repaired.

Step 2: Then after that click on “Repair” button so that the process of repair will starts.

Step 3: A separate window will appear where you can see the progress of the repairing process easily.

Step 4: Now simply click on “Preview repaired file” option after the repair process has been completed. You can easily view the repaired files.