Simple Way to Recover Deleted Files from FAT32 Drive

FAT stands for File Allocation table. It is mainly used in Windows operating system which is designed by Microsoft to overcome the problems related to volume size which is present in FAT 16. FAT 32 has more number of clusters as compared to all file system of Windows. It is also widely used in removable drives like USB drives, external hard drive, memory cards, etc. Sometimes, users may lose data from FAT 32 file system due to various reasons.

In such situations, users may get upset and worried about how to undelete FAT 32 files.  You can recover deleted files FAT 32 using a strong and advanced application like External Hard Drive File Recovery software. As this software comes with deep scanning technology which can scan your all files from FAT32 file system and restore all your files from your external hard drive as well as from various storage devices such as memory cards, pen drive, hard drive, etc.

Scenario under which you may loss Files from FAT 32:

Accidental Deletion: It is a most common human error, which can happen while opening, viewing or editing files stored on external drive. You may be looking to delete some of the old videos, photos or useless files, but mistakenly you have deleted important files along with those files.

Accidentally formatted / re-formatted FAT32 partitions – Files on the hard drive with FAT32 file system might get lost when you format the partition by mistake. This might happen when you accidentally format the wrong partition and end up losing the files from that partition.

Files lost after re-partitioning the hard drive – There are times when you might re-partition your hard drive either by deleting, merging or re-sizing partitions on your hard drive.  If any interruptions occur during such process then you may lose files from FAT32.

Virus Attack: Sometimes you may lose data while transferring of files from external hard drive to the system or vice- versa due to virus present on either one of your drive. As a result, you may you’re your important data from FAT 32 file system.

Interruption during File Transfer: During transfer of data if any interruptions occur due to sudden power failure, software conflicts, improper ejection of external drive, then you may lose data from your FAT 32 file system.

Other Reasons: Operating system crash, accidental deletion, corrupted file system, during upgrading from FAT 32 to HFS or other file system, etc also leads to data loss from FAT 32 file system.

Precautionary Measures:

  • Try to backup your important data on some storage device as you can face any time data loss scenarios.
  • Keep updating your antivirus at frequent intervals to make your system free from virus attacks.
  • While upgrading FAT 32, you make sure that you have taken backup of important data on some storage device.
  • Always use power backup like UPS to avoid sudden shutdown of system.

Find the solution here!

Relax…! No need to get panicked, as you can recover FAT 32 files in few mouse clicks using like External Hard Drive File Recovery software. Yes…! It is advanced File Recovery software through which you can restore your FAT 32 files on Windows operating system.

Forget all your worries regarding data loss, as External Hard Drive File Recovery software is here to provide solution for data loss problems.

What More Can External Hard Drive File Recovery software Do..?

  • This software is capable of recovering deleted or lost files from FAT32 on all latest versions of Windows operating system such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, etc.
  • You can even restore files from various other file systems such as FAT16, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT, etc.
  • Save Recovery Session feature is available in the demo version of the software to avoid further scanning of the drive after activating the software to its full version.
  • Using the Demo version of this software, users can preview the recovered files using Preview option. If they are satisfied with the recovered results then they can save the recovered data by activating the software.

Proficient Utility to Get Back Data from Seagate External Hard Drive

Seagate is among the leading external hard drive-manufacturing brands utilized by many people to store huge amount of data. One can easily carry external HDD anywhere like laptops; therefore it is very useful when we’ve got important files in that. Even, you can plug-in to different computers and access the info from it. Usually whenever you plug-in you’re Seagate external hard drive to some virus infected computer and struggling to access data from this, what will be your current reaction? You may be not understanding reason behind this and thinking the best way to restore data from this? When you experience this situation you will end up in great frustration.

To overcome this case if you Google also you won’t find the proper response. So still you can’t gain access to the lost data from Seagate external hard disk. But now you’re in proper information site to get help to your problems. Seagate hard drive recovery software is rated by experts, which will restore all your lost data out of your Seagate External Hard Drive. From this software you can also restore the accidently deleted files using Shift + delete or using Command + delete keys. Virus / malware attacks in computers have become common problems. To overcome this problem you should utilize Hard Drive recovery tool.

These are some with the Scenarios through which you might lose your data’s from Seagate External hard drive.

  • Severe virus/malware attack:- Sometimes, when you connect your seagate external hard drive to virus infected pc you’ll find chances of getting crucial computer data corrupted.
  • Improper plug-in of hard drive: – When you don’t plug-in your Seagate external hard drive properly to any laptop or computer, than there are some probabilities of you losing your data.
  • Improper closure of replicated files:- After copying your data from computer to external hard drive and if you don’t close up the file properly, you could possibly lose the data.
  • Improper Ejection of External hard drive: – After copying crucial computer data to Seagate external hard drive and if you don’t eject properly through your computer, you will lose crucial computer data.

These are the precautions how one can avoid losing your data from Seagate External hard drive.

  • Avoid plug-in your external hard drive to virus/malware infected computer systems: – If the computer systems is virus/malware infected, than stay away from those computers.
  • Periodical up-date of anti-virus: – Periodically keep upgrading your latest anti-virus to enable you to protect your Seagate External hard drive from virus/malware.
  • Avoid ejecting external hard drive using improper method: – Utilize the eject option in your personal computer to remove the external hard drive.
  • Take frequent Back-ups : – Periodically take proper back-ups through your External Hard drive in order to avoid losing of your data.

These are the top features of Tool to recover data from Seagate external hard drive.

It is a best tool to get back data from Seagate external hard drive and it scans of entire Seagate external hard drive in few minutes. The software will list the whole lost data from Seagate External Hard Drive. You can preview the actual lost data using “View recoverable data” prior to saving the lost data. Latest anti-virus is in-built to safeguard the hard drive by getting virus/malware infected. This Software not simply supports Seagate external hard drive, but also it can handle Western Digital, Iomega, Verbatim, Toshiba brand’s external hard drive to recover the missing data. Sort recovered data on such basis as name, date, size as well as file type. Recover data from formatted partitions, even after re-installing Windows.

Identify and recover approximately 300 file types which include documents, spreadsheets, email archives, zip archives and various other important file types based on their unique signatures. You’ll be able to select the data that you wanted to restore through recovery process. It supports recovery of data from SATA / SCSI / IDE hard drive. You can recover data even though you have deleted data making use of Shift + delete OR using Command + delete options. Recover data even though hard drive is crashed and if it doesn’t boot properly.

Simple Ways to Restore Data from External Storage Device

External hard disk is now the integral part of every computer professional life. The reason behind invention of external hard disk is importance of data storage. If you are using your system over a long period of time then several time you face low disk space to store other data. In this circumstance you need to delete some of the data that is less important for you but you don’t want to lose it, but forcefully you need to delete these files. For this problem external hard drive has been invented, because it is almost similar in storing data in compare to system hard disk. It has various advantages such as portability of data is possible and many more. But during frequently use of this device you may face data loss from this advanced featured storage device. But don’t get frustrated!!!! As External Drive Recovery application can easily bring back lost data from external hard drive.

There are several data loss scenario where you can loss their vital data. Accidental formatting of external hard drive is one of the common reasons for data loss from this storage device. Sometimes when you connect external hard drive to your system you may get an error message that indicates that “drive has not formatted, do you want to format it now”. If you pressed yes option then external drive gets formatted and entire data stored on that particular device has deleted in single instance. After such operation you are not able to access any data stored with external hard disk. In this manner you can face several data loss from external hard drive.

Virus infection is one of the major causes of data loss from external hard drive.  From various sources malicious virus can enter inside external hard drive. Once it has placed in external storage device it replicates itself throughout the memory space of external hard drive and starts harming data and finally makes all stored data inaccessible. In this manner you can face severe data loss from external hard drive. Even sometimes external hard disk drive can become inaccessible. If you wish to restore external disk in this particular scenario then you need to utilize the application stated earlier.

Sometimes while accessing of external hard drive on your system if you abruptly eject this device then you may face data loss due to corruption. Suppose you are transferring files from external hard disk to your computer and during that period of time you have abruptly remove the device then surely you are going to lose several data from external hard drive. In that situation if you want to data rescue from external hard drive then you need to utilize the tool that mentioned above.

It is highly recommended that do not store any data after data loss from external hard drive. If you store any data then it may override the memory space of deleted or lost data and recovery becomes a tough task.

External Drive Recovery is an advanced featured application, which helps the external storage device users to rescue lost data. You can get back data when you are facing accidental deletion of data from external hard drive. Even you can bring back data and files which may have lost during cut and paste operation.

Easiest way to restores files from external hard drive

There are numerous secondary storage sources seen in the market. These data storage devices are memory cards, CD’s, floppy, DVDs, USB drives etc. These day’s people want to store more and more data by means of pictures, videos, official documents, educational details etc. and all these data storage mediums employ a less capacity to store the data. So there comes a need of external hard disk drive which is a reliable storage source and is available in small sizes and large storage capacity. External storage drives are manufactured by different companies like Seagate, Hitachi, GOFlex, Toshiba, LaCie and many other brands.

Even though they have high security data storage features there are cases where you might lose your significant data stored on these devices. Data loss can occur due to various known or unknown reasons but there are third party data recovery software’s which will help you to overcome such data loss situations.

One such powerful data recovery tool is hard drive recovery software which is designed by skillful developers having years of experience in developing data recovery tool. This tool can recover external drive data deleted or lost due to any of the reasons mentioned below.

Causes of data loss from external hard drive:

  • File system corruption of external hard drive makes the files inaccessible leading to huge loss of stored data.
  • Unexpected rebooting of the computer while copying files from external hard drive to computer or vice versa.
  • Sudden formatting of Hitachi external hard drive or any other portable storage device due to format errors causes data loss.
  • Virus attack on the external hard drive when connected to infected PC results in inaccessibility of data and you may end up losing your important data.
  • Accidental or unknowingly deletion of data from external hard drive results in data loss.

Safety steps that must be followed to overcome data loss situations:

  • Always scan your external hard drive when connected to PC to avoid virus infection.
  • Don’t remove the storage device in between of file transfer process.
  • Create a backup copy of important data and keep it in a reliable data storage device.
  • Always use powerful antivirus software and update it regularly.
  • Use strong power supply to avoid unexpected shutdown of the system.

All these precautions will help you in avoiding data loss only to certain extent. But there are cases where even after following these safety measures still you may come across any of the data loss scenario. With the advanced technology there is no need to worry about your lost data since it is easy to get the deleted or lost files by using some proficient data recovery tools. Hard drive recovery tool is one such effective data recovery application which makes Hitachi external hard drive data recovery possible without any professional help at your fingertips. This software can also restore data from the hard drive having bad sectors. Hard drive recovery tool can work easily on all the version of both Windows and Mac operating system.

Click here to download the demo version of the software and install it on your PC. Then double click on the desktop icon to run the application and select the appropriate recovery options which you come across while utilizing the tool. Once you’re done with the data restoration process you can judge the functionality of the application and if the trial version meets your desired requirement then you can go for its version available online.

Most convenient tool to perform external drive recovery

Pen drive, external hard drive, flash drives are well-known removable data storage drives. There are lots of removable drive present in market but among them external hard disk has gain high popularity because of its large storage capacity. Users generally prefer external hard drive to keep the backup of their crucial file which they want to be preserve for long lasting.

What happen if you lose all the data from your external hard drive? This case became more critical if you lose your important project documents. This situation is really horrible but this is what which is actually happens now-a-days. As data loss issue is becoming very common and give rise to so many questions like how to get over from this situation? Is there is any way to retrieve los files? Is data recovery is really possible or not?

Every problem has solution you just need not to lose hopes. With external drive recovery software you can sort out your data loss problem within few mouse clicks. This tool recovers data without bothering about data loss situation. Regardless of whether your file is intensely corrupted, this tool can recovers it with utmost ease. With this tool, you can recover external drive data at your fingertips. Before recovery first let’s have a look on some data loss scenarios which results in data loss from external hard drive. There are numerous reasons which lead to data loss from external hard drive.

  • Intentional or unintentional deletion of files from external hard drive causes data loss.
  • Accidental formatting of drive deletes entire data out of your removable drive.
  • Ejecting an outside drive from system without the need for safely removal option which can be accessible in every OS.
  • Interruption between file transferring processes can delete several files from your external hard drive.
  • Corruption in boot sectors as a result of which drive refuses to mount
  • File itself get deleted because of virus attack

Safety precautions that have to be follow to conquer from loss of data

  • Install antivirus put in your whole body and upgrade it once in a very month.
  • Don’t forget to use safely remove option while removing drive from system.
  • Create a backup and store it some reliable storage medium.
  • Don’t connect your external drive with already infected system.
  • Avoid using shift + delete keys.
  • Don’t eject drive in between file transferring process.

Each one of these precaution provide you with positive result in case you follow them regularly. But exceptions are always there. There are several unknown reasons which occur suddenly and cause data loss. To recover your missing data use external drive recovery application. Hitachi external hard drive data recovery also became very simple and easy with invention of this tool. With the aid of this tool you can even recover password protected files.

To use this tool go-ahead and download trail version of this tool. Verify the outcome of trail version, in case you are pleased with it outcomes. Then you can directly go for its licensed version to save recovered files.




Recover files from WD Passport

Sometime it’s important to keep our beloved or valuable things like memorable photos, documents, videos of digital cameras or it may be music as a safe and secure. You might have spent money to purchase them as well your crucial time to create them. Except these things there may be system files or business files which are stored on hard drive. You may think that there may be a threat of losing data by your mistake or due to some other reasons. So, you will go for external storage devices like, memory card, pen drives, but you may want to go for the external hard drive which should have huge storage capacity and be reliable. So the most preferable external hard drive is Western Digital Passport.

But some unexpected things can also happen with the external hard drives such as you can accidentally delete files from external hard drives or it may be the system problem makes the file loss like system gets shut down while transferring the data, file may be deleted or lost from external hard drive by virus attack. In such situation all of your files from external hard drive may be lost.

Reasons for data loss from external hard drive:-

  • Power loss: – while transferring the data from Western Digital Passport to system or from WD passport to system, all files from the drive may become inaccessible if the power failure happens.
  • Virus threat: – External hard drives like WD My Passport use the file system to manage organized files; these files from hard drive can be lost or deleted by virus attack.
  • Formatting the external hard drive: – mistakenly you can format the external hard drive and all data will be lost from Western Digital passport.

In all the above cases the data loss from external hard drive may take place, so you are now thinking for a solution to get all lost data back at any cost.

No need to worry, fortunately there is a way to get back the lost data from external hard drive I.e. External Hard Drive File Recovery Software. This software can recover any kind of data that you have lost from Western Digital external hard drives and Recover files from WD Passport. It has the capacity to get you back all the lost videos, audios, memorable photos or any other documents.

Make sure before using this software the external hard drive is not overwritten. This External Hard Drive Recovery Software is used to recover files from WD Passport or any other external hard drive. It can also   be used for external storage devices like pen drive, SD card etc.

You can get back all deleted or lost files from WD MY PASSPORT external drive before it is overwritten by new data.

Once try with this software, simply download the trial version and install it. You can get all the lost or deleted files from WD My Passport drive. Once you run the trial version you will come to know how this software really works. To restore all deleted files on your WD Passport you need to purchase the full version of External Hard Drive File Recovery Software.

Recouping of data from hard disk and from external hard disk too

External hard disk came after the hard disk was launched in the market with strong hold. As hard disks are the most important part of a computer which are generally used to keep data in fact each of the user is familiar with the working of the device.

Hard disks are assembled in the system which can be said as it come inbuilt. Even though there are inbuilt hard disk people need some more space, for this alternative is expected to do the needful. External hard drives do this as this is the medium to hold the data in portable format but is more complex than normal hard disk.

External hard disk when connected to the systems are behaves like a partition of hard disk and is available to save the data and when removed keeps your data secure and in portable mode as well.

Likewise hard disk, external hard drive is also a sufferer of data loss. So when data is lost there is a need to recover data from external drive.

A student said to his teacher “Madam my Seagate goflex is crashed and all my assignments was saved in it so I have no other option left what can I do now to get the assignment?”

He might be telling lies just to skips from home work but suppose you find that your data is really missing from your external hard disk then. Than the option left for you is to do Seagate goflex data recovery which need some third party tools.

Saving of data on hard disk goes through very complex scenarios and if not followed then your data can be lost, apart there are some maintenance measures which need to be taken and if not then also the consequences will be same. So how these algorithms are hindered and how these can be protected.

There are some normal ways to use the hard disk and can say these ways works as a precautionary steps but if they are not followed than one can face the data loss. Specially when using the external hard disk one need to keep some steps in mind, using the safely removal option while disconnecting the hard disk from the system will keep you safer from loss, always install the antivirus in the system, keep tracks of all your records and file which are important, have restoring points at regular interval but people generally skips these ways and use the device with their own ways.

All these events and precautions are not just very special things to do but they are just the normal and standard way to use the device. Though you can keep your data safe from the known scenarios, but couldn’t from the unknown reasons and at last…

Anyways even after the data loss there is option lefts like restoring points or backups but if missing these two things  then lastly you need to download the software from internet you will be featured with the recovery tools.