How to Listen Audiobook on iOS

Audiobooks are the advanced technology of listening books in MP3 files instead of reading. It has good advantage; you can save time instead of reading a book. Many of you may be the fans of audiobook and listen your favorite books in different places such as in gym, in cars, in home, while jogging, in office, etc. In advanced operating systems of Apple i.e. iOS you can use audiobook also. Audiobooks are available in plenty of sources and you can buy & download books from, also you can buy from Apple’s iBooks store. There are audiobooks available on MP3 CDs, which contains books already converted to MP3 files and you can add iTunes library without ripping.


Now let us go through how to listen audiobook on iOS?

To listen audiobook you need to make you of any application. Let us discuss about some app’s by which we can buy and listen audiobooks effectively.

  1. Apple’s iBooks app: Apple introduces iBooks app to facilitate the users to listen audiobooks in an effective way. By using iBook app you can adjust the speed (which ever speed is convenient to you), you can skip ahead, back 15 seconds and you can also set sleep timer. One important thing in this app is you can access book chapters also, tap the chapters bottom which is present at the top right of the window and you will find list of chapters. There you can select your required chapter to listen.
  2. Audible’s app: Audible’s iOS app is applicable only for audiobook app. It will only display library. Here all the books you buy in Audible is stored in cloud only. The books you have downloaded by using Audible app and stored in your device will be displayed in this app. In Audible app you can choose the chapters only from cloud.
  3. Bookmobile: It is the third party tool to access audiobooks and its cost is $4. Some versions of bookmobile are available for free, but you cannot access all audiobooks in free versions. The interface is not much effective and it is hard to access the audiobooks in bookmobile. Continue reading to know more about audiobook on iOS.

Know How to Recover Deleted Files on DOS

I am working on Windows system at my home. Yesterday while working on my system, I accidentally delete some important files in place of unwanted files using DOS command. The files get permanently deleted from the system due to DOS command. I am suffering from severe data loss and want to recover deleted files as soon as possible. Can anyone suggest how to recover deleted files which is deleted by DOS command?

If you are facing similar problem, no need to worry. Just make use of advanced recovery tool to named File Recovery Software. This application can be easily installed and used on all the latest Windows operating system. By using this software, you can recover deleted files DOS in a pitch perfect way. You are able to recover deleted files from drives functioning on different file system such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, ExFAT, HFS, HFSX, HFS+, etc. It is available online for recovering deleted files in few simple and effective ways.

Reasons for data loss on system

Accidental Deletion Using DOS Command: : While deleting unessential files using DOS Command from your system you may sometimes accidentally end up selecting important file, after which the selected file will get deleted. However using this recovery tool you can recover deleted file from your system easily.

Antivirus deletion: If a virus enters your system, then it’ll start infecting the stored files. Under this case you’ll normally take the assistance of antivirus application for removing virus from the device. While scanning, if the antivirus finds any severely infected file, then it’ll delete that infected file from your system.

Third party applications: If any unreliable third party software is running on your system, and meanwhile you connect any storage device to your PC, then there are possibilities for a file to get deleted from PC. Under this circumstance you can take the help of this recovery and get back deleted files in few simple clicks.

You can recover files which are deleted due to above mentioned scenarios. This software includes few simple steps to restore files in a perfect way. This powerful tool is famous for its integrated scanning engine, using which it scans the whole drive in few minutes and it will effectively restore deleted files from drive.

Features of this advanced recovery tool

This recovery software has the ability to recover deleted file from on Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, 10 etc. It is user friendly software, since both technical and non technical users can even recover deleted files with few mouse clicks. This recovery application enables you to recover deleted files from various file systems including EXFAT, FAT, NTFS, etc. Demo version of this recovery tool can be used to perform deleted file recovery from system, if you feel satisfied with its performance then get its licensed edition.

How to Recover Lost Data

Basically, people save all their required files on different storage devices in order that it might be accessed time and again in a much secured and authenticated way. These files quality never changes despite accessed after having a long time. Thus, these functions make its use quite definitely essential for users. However, despite the fact, files that can be stored on different memory cards sometimes get missing miraculously. In these unfortunate situations, no need to panic because these lost files can be restored by utilizing an advanced data recovery program.

There are different aspects of data deletion from storage media, but such reasons mainly or to say the most redundantly occurring due to 3rd party application. Let’s presume one among such real-time example that may bring such situation to user’s door. Suppose that you have got camera SD card that have been used for quite a while. Lately you did chance to visit one of scenic beauty arena, where you clicked variety of images. So, to take the backup of those files in safe and secured way, you attached it to the system. However, if it was associated with computer a message flashed directing that unable to open memory card need to format it, if you intend to better functioning of system then you definitely format to access card. Since, suggested by computer you format it and the stored on it get lost. In this situation, you think about the data recovery procedure from storage device. So to overcome such painful circumstances, you can utilize Recover Lost Data program. This utility is capable to recover data from hard drives. To know more about hard drive recovery, check it out:

There are other causes that lead to file deletion or lost from storage drives such as accidental deletion, deletion while previewing, deletion of files because of misconception, lost due to power surge and much more. Each one of the file deletion scenarios mentioned previously may be restored in few minutes by simply following Recover Lost Data app. Recover files from SD card or any other memory card can be achieved in very optimal way if a few of the measures are followed adequately. The vital thing is the fact that users must stop making use of the app the moment it faces any type of loss of data or data deletion scenarios. Users must follow this measure just like the necessary data is overwritten by other file that can’t be rectified anymore. Another thing that requires user’s attention is the fact that shouldn’t, either format or reformat their storage cards, because it makes rescue operation a lot more complex.

Recover Lost Data has gained worldwide attention due to its capacity to rescue number of files, a few of the popular file formats are JPEG, BMP, ARW, NEF, PNG, PSD, GIF, TIF, CR2, TIFF, JPG, 3FR, RAW, MRW, X3F, DNG, KDC, ORF, PEF, DCR, CRW, RAF, K25, SR2, etc. Its scanning algorithm and graphic interface or popularly known as GUI makes file rescue process quite simple. It recovers deleted info from various kinds of storage cards like SD cards, XD, MMC, thumb drive and even more. This application can simply be attained online for trial use, which, if satisfies your need can be purchase it.

Best way to revive data after unintentional formatting drive

Have you recently formatted one of the drive partitions? Formatted drive partition contains vital data that really matters for you personally.  Formatting might be performed intentionally or unintentionally. Intentionally it is happened when the user does format drive in order to upgrade drive performance. Unintentionally it happens when unexpectedly user sticks in such a situation from where there is only a way exists to make drive ready for future use i.e. formatting. We will discuss about unintentional deletion and a best way to recover data from formatted drive.

First and most find reason that may push you in an unintentional formatting condition. Virus attack may damage file system or header information. It is happened when user goes online in order to access server data. Once you do so then there is a possibility of virus attack on system. If the virus attack occurs on system then there might be a chance of corruption of header section or file system. When it is happened then you may find a particular goes inaccessible to the user for future use. Sometimes it has happened user traps in such a situation from where he become unable to boot system. Here it is must to re-install in order to use computer system further. Once you perform so then you may lose vital files that were resided in C drive.

There is another reason that may lead to formatting i.e. accidental formatting. Sometimes it has happened the user format vital drive in place of some other drive. It may lead to severe data loss if formatted drive contains useful data. it is happened when user have more than one drive connect to system and while finding an low performance drive, he decides to format it for performance upgradation. When user goes for formatting then there is a chance of formatting other drive instead of formatting desired one. It may also lead to severe data loss.

After losing data due to unexpected formatting, there are lot of question arises in your mind i.e. how to recover formatted drive data. No need to think more, it is simply because you can recover every bit of data after unexpected formatting. Here you need skilled recovery tools that make you enable to recover data from formatted drive. You may try Recover Formatted tool to get over from such crises. With the help of this tool, you can successfully recover data after formatting from various drive including flash drive, internal drive, external drive and so on. In case you are going through such a severe situation then you can make use of this tool and effectively perform data recovery after drive formatting.

A Legitimate Tool To Restore Lost HDD Data

Hard drives, the name that took computer and its technology to the peak within a short span of 20 years. When the first computer was introduced the maximum data that can be stored in a hard drive of that time is just 2 MB. Later the development of hard drive industry has grown vastly. The maximum data storage of a commercial hard drive increased from 2 MB to 2 TB and beyond. Similarly storage and retrieval of data also had evolved a lot in the recent years. For example in prior years the data transfer rate from in and out of hard drives is less than an mbps. But after consistent improvement in the HDD technology turned the clock all around.

The data that are stored by the user as well as the operating system inside the hard disk also has been updated a lot. Many user defined data and special software programs for processing those data have grown a lot in simultaneous. Also if we take a close look regarding data storage in the hard drive, we found that there is a major drop down in the field of security given to the stored data. Since the mechanism used to avoid data deletion and loss is paid high, the users prefer more recovery process than precautionary process.

Before studying about the data loss and its recovery from hard drive it need to be explained in detail about, how data are stored and what happens on recovery of lost data. When a data is created and stored in a hard drive it is stored in the form of hash tables and index pointers. The hash tables hold the actual data in binary format. The index pointers are similar to the index of a book. These pointers show the actual data location of the stored data in the HDD for the operating system. So that the operating system doesn’t want to traverse unwanted files in the HDD.

Whenever a data is lost or went missing from your hard drive, first check whether the data is misplaced or not. If it’s not misplaced then make it confirmed that the data is lost. Here the actual data in the hash tables will be available only the index pointers will be cleared or erased so that the data stored in the HDD will be no longer available to the user or the operating system. By using good recovery software there is possibility to recover lost data. The recovery software will rebuild the deleted pointers and the data can be recovered with ease.

To recover lost data from hard drive a reputed utility is needed and the utility has to be capable enough to recover lost data in a precised and intellectual manner. A tool with such capacity is explained here. This tool can recover lost data on Mac operating systems more procure. The data lost from almost all situations can be restored easily along with its file id and file structure. This helps the user to stay connected with his / her lost file in Mac operating systems. The scenarios that make your data lost are given below.

  • Ø In Mac operating system due to system failure or system shut down with errors will sometimes lead to a major data loss. In these situations the chances of losing files are pretty more.
  • Ø From time to time while transferring files from USB drives or other media device to Mac computers and if the USB drive is pulled out then critical data loss will be guaranteed without any hesitation.
  • Ø Virus infection or software glitches or where there may be probabilities of data loss either instantly or in slow manner.
  • Ø The other few common situations where power failure, unexpected system shutdown, third party tools, data lost after disk defrag failure etc might also result in loss of files

Advantage of using this tool over others:

This tool recovers lost data on Mac hard drive from all versions of Mac operating systems. The free demo edition is available for the users to estimate the efficiency of lost file recovery before successful purchase. Residential with a strong “Find” option that facilitates you to search any file on the basis of various file attributes like name, size, extension and date of data creation. Sequentially to evade retrieval of not needed files these applications facilitate you to view the recovered data before their restoration. Best tool to recover lost files on Mac OS X Lion, Leopard & Snow Leopard. This tool is the best in restoring lost as well as deleted file recovery on Mac hard drives.


Never opt out for recovery process from a drive wiped or defragmented hard drive. As the internal memories are rearranged during this process recovery is not possible.

The best tool to recover lost or deleted NTFS data

NTFS is abbreviated as New Technology File system which is one of the most widely used file system. It is mainly used on Windows OS. There are many other versions of it’s also like NTFS 5, which has some advanced and updated features. There are many security features which make your data safe and secure from many data loss issues. However, in-spite of these precautions, you can find many data loss situations. In some cases it becomes unpredictable and also unavoidable.

Data loss is a common scenario and can happen due to any simple reasons. I too had lost data from these NTFS file system. Actually, I had two partitions on my system, one was installed with FAT32 file system and the other had NTFS file system. After some days, I decided to convert the NTFS system to HFS X, since I needed Mac OS on one of the partition. While doing this, suddenly my system got switched off due to power fluctuations; also I didn’t even have the UPS. Hence my system got shut down and the process was interrupted and got abruptly terminated. After the power came, I restarted my system and tried to boot the NTFS partition. But, I was not able to locate my NTFS partition itself, it was missing due to incomplete file system conversion. I was very much disappointed as I lost my entire partition data. Suddenly, I just called upon my friends, and explained my situation. One of them suggested me to use recovery software called NTFS data recovery software, which could recover your entire data easily. I just used the tool and the results were really amazing, I could get all my data from the NTFS file system within few minutes.

This is not the only situation in which this tool can be used, there are many such scenarios where you lose data and need this tool, and they are:

  • Corrupted Partition table: Power failure or ejecting external drives while the files are being edited may damage your NTFS partition table information, due to which NTFS partition becomes inaccessible
  • Partitioning errors: You may encounter partitioning errors while trying to create new partitions using third party partitioning utilities or while trying to install multiple operating systems
  • Accidental deletion: Accidentally deleting NTFS partition by using fdisk / Windows Disk Management tool or some other third party utilities may lead to partial loss. Even trying to reallocate free space among partitions may lead to the deletion of existing NTFS partition.
  • Accidental formatting: Most of the memory cards, USB drives and other external hard drives use NTFS file system, these storage devices may be accidentally formatted or reformatted resulting thus leading to loss of data

All the above scenarios lead to data loss situations and arises the need for this software. It has several unbeatable features, some of them are:

  • Can easily recover deleted files from NTFS partitions without any difficulties
  • This tool repeatedly scans the drive to locate and restore the data from the deleted, missing or damaged NTFS partition
  • Supports recovery of data from any partition that are formatted with any file system namely, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT
  • Supports recovery of data from various hard drives (SATA / SCSI / IDE / SSD etc.), flash memory cards (SD, XD, SDHC, SDXC, MicroSD, MMC, Memory Stick etc.), USB external drives, FireWire drives and iPod

If you are in the same situation and looking for recovery software, then I would suggest you to use this tool. To recover your lost or deleted data from your NTFS partitions download the trial version of the software here and follow these few simple steps:

  1. Install it on your PC and launch the software
  2. Select the “Recover Drives / Partitions” option, in the next screen choose “Partition Recovery” option
  3. Select the partition from which recovery has to be done and press “Next”
  4. Now, scanning process starts and once it completes , you can preview the recovered files using “Preview” option
  5. If you are satisfied with the results, then purchase the software and save the recovered files







How can you restore data from storage device?

Have you by mistake deleted an important folder or beautiful photos of your trip to London from your Kingston memory card, WD hard drive or any other removal external storage device? What is the ultimate result of this? It’s just you lost all your significant data stored on your data storage drives. Now probably you must be wondering a solution to get back the deleted files. For most of the times, people are responsible for losing their own data. But still it is possible by using get back deleted file recovery software which is a proficient recovery tool to perform Kingston memory card recovery possible just in couple of minutes.

In the field of computer’s world, a lot of you people want to save more and more amount of information related to your daily life. This includes personal data, educational data and professional data. As per the need of the user various company develop different types of storage devices like Western Digital hard drives, Kingston memory card, Compact flash card, USB drives etc. These digital devices are mainly designed to work with both Mac and Windows operating system.

All these devices are portable and are produced with different storage capacities, sizes and appearances. Since the devices are portable and can be carried easily wherever you go the chances of losing data is more. The reason for data loss may be different like hard drive failure, power outages, virus intrusion etc. Putting aside the above described scenario you must also know some more instances of data loss which you might face in your future.

Reasons for data loss:

  • Storage device connected to virus infected PC or laptop.
  • Power fluctuations occurring while transferring files.
  • Ejecting the storage device improperly when connected to the personal computer.
  • Switching off the computer while working on some application.
  • Bad sectors on the storage device.
  • Corruption of file system.
  • Virus attack on your computer.
  • Unintentionally formatting the Kingston memory card, WD external hard drive without taking proper backup of the crucial data.

Protective steps to be followed:

  • Always follows proper exit option while disconnecting the storage device.
  • Take proper backup of important data.
  • You should not use the storage drive after losing data to avoid overwriting with new data.
  • Always make use of updated version of antivirus software to make your computer free from harmful viruses.

In case if you come across any of the data loss scenario then no need to get panic, just be cool and use get deleted file recovery tool which can easily retrieve more than 300 file types including images, sounds, docs, videos etc. This application is designed with advanced technologies to carry out WD hard drive file recovery. It is capable of restoring files from accidentally formatted Western Digital hard drive on laptop or computer. This utility can efficiently restore data from various types of memory cards like Kingston, Transcend, Scandisk, Sony and many more which is deleted or lost due to any sort of corruptions.

Click here to try the trial version of the software and install it on your system. After installation run the software and select appropriate recovery options which you come across while working with the software. Once your data restoration process gets over you can evaluate the recovery results. If you are pleased with the results you can go for its full version available online.