Tool to Fix AVI Video File on Mac Computer

AVI is a video file format, developed by Microsoft Corporation. The AVI video saves the file in the form of .avi extension. AVI stands for Audio Video Interleave, it is a multimedia container. It stores both video and audio data in a container file. AVI was the first digital format that intermix small chunks of audio and video data. However, there are some situations when you play AVI video files on Mac system and face some difficulty to play it. This condition happens due to the corruption of AVI file.

Last week, I tried to play video file which was in AVI format by using VLC media player on Mac computer. By seeing what, I got shocked the media player which was playing AVI video file the video get struck at particular point only the sound was hearing properly. Now, I was thinking how to repair avi Mac? I have done lot of research on the internet and even asked for help to my friends, but did not get any right information. Please help me to overcome from this situation.

Are you getting an error while playing AVI video file? If yes, then do not worry! There is good news now you can easily repair avi Mac video files which refuse to play. Here, in this blog we provide complete information about one such tool that make you free from all your worries. AVI Repair Software is trusted by the most users to fix corrupted AVI video files with ease. It is capable in fixing all the issues that cause AVI video files to get corrupted or damaged.

In which case the AVI video files may get corrupted or damage:

  • Ejection of external storage devices abnormally: When user connect external storage device to the system and transfer some AVI video files. During this process if external drive is ejected abnormally, then it might damage AVI index file due to this AVI video file can’t play properly.
  • Compression problem: Sometimes, when there is a problem in compressing of audio and video data into AVI file format, the video is corrupted or damaged and user unable to play the AVI videos.
  • Conversion error: If any mistake made by the user during conversion of AVI video files into some other format then it may cause damage or corruption of AVI video files.
  • Header file damage: AVI header file enclose data related to AVI video file such as size, date of video file and compatibility of the video. If the header file is corrupted then the video file refuses to play.
  • Other reasons for corrupting AVI videos: There may be few more factors which corrupt or damage AVI video files like video file stored in bad sectors of HDD, intrusion of Trojan and viruses, synchronization error, fault in media players, etc.

What are the benefits of using AVI Repair Software to fix corrupted video files on Mac computer?

The AVI video file which is not playing, you can easily make them to playable again by using most excellent repair tool called AVI Repair Software. It allows user to repair avi Mac files which can be corrupted, broken or damaged due to above mentioned scenarios. This software is brilliantly designed and developed to work on various versions of Mac OS such as Snow Leopard, Mac OS X, Mountain Lion, Lion, etc. Using Repair AVI tool you can fix other video file format like DIVX, XVID, etc.

AVI Repair Software is also capable of fixing AVI as well as XVID, and DIVX video file format. You can repair AVI video files on various storage devices like USB drives, external hard drive, flash memory cards, etc. It can also repair AVI videos that are created on various multimedia devices like camcorder, iPods, digital cameras and more.