Tool to Fix Quicktime MOV File

If QuickTime files get corrupted or damaged don’t worry because there is impeccable repair software available in the market which can fix any video having different kind of file codecs (AVC1, AVC, MOV or MP4). Application is specially designed to support unplayable, corrupted, damaged QuickTime file both on Mac and Windows PC’s/ laptops.

Fix QuickTime File tool is an advanced tool which can be used to fix damaged or corrupted QuickTime file very easily. It can resolve all issues related to audio- video out of sync, corrupted movie header, green screen problem (video invisible) in no time. This software uses efficient way to resolve above issues and makes the video playable.

fix QuickTime file

What are common problems generated with the QuickTime MOV file?

Corrupted movie header: File header contains vital information regarding that particular file like its name, date, size, modified date, extension etc. If header is corrupted, then there are more chances that the file gets corrupted. The header is usually corrupted due to a downloading error or virus attack.

Audio-video out of sync:  When you play a movie, you find audio and video of that file are not synchronized i.e. Video might play ahead of audio or audio runs ahead of video. The reasons could be, converting one file type to another using an unreliable third-party application or downloading a corrupted file from the internet.

Error 8971: This error generated, due to codec issues or may be the file is corrupted due to sudden system shutdown, incomplete download or interrupted video transfer.

Green screen problem:  After downloading MOV file from the internet and when you play it, you can hear the audio but video is not visible, you are able to view only green screen instead.

Salient Features of Fix QuickTime MOV File

Fix QuickTime File can fix MOV files, thus you can use it to repair MOV file which has been corrupted due to many reasons. The feature of this application is its read only nature which does not let being any modification on original MOV file. Besides of fixing corrupted MOV file, it can repair several error messages. Thus it can fix QuickTime Error 8971 quickly. There are numerous cameras available in the market, which generates MOV file thus it can fix MOV files and other popular cameras MOV file without any difficulty. This software has simple GUI which helps to fix QuickTime file with utmost ease. Thus its interactive GUI does not let you worry about how to fix MOV QuickTime file which are unplayable. After finishing repairing QuickTime MOV file, you can preview repaired file and check if it fixed or not. After satisfying with performance of software, you can save QuickTime MOV file to any storage device as per your convenience.

Note: In demo version of fix QuickTime file software, you can even test the application before purchasing full version. You can Preview the fixed MOV files in this version and if you are satisfied with repaired files then you can ‘Save’ them on your system.