Tips to Move Android Apps to an SD Card

Android OS was introduced by the Google, which is implied for different smartphones. Android has many advanced applications that made the life easier and faster, that intern saves the time of the users. Each and every app occupies different amount of memory. Sometimes the phone memory may have less storage capacity, so installing many or big sized apps are impossible. To have free space in the phone memory you need to move Android apps to the SD card.

move-apps-to-sd-card-on-android-4.3-devicesWith an inexpensive micro SD card, the ability to expand the storage space is one of the biggest advantages of most of the Android smartphones. Generally 128 GB of additional space is allowed by Android smartphones and 16-32 GB of internal storage space is allowed.

Of course micro SD is not allowed by all of the handsets. Notably the Samsung Galaxy S6 dropped the feature, for example on the handset with micro SD card, the ability to move apps is handy in order to lighten the load on the internal storage. But every handset will not support this and also this can be only done for specific apps.

1) Firstly you need a SD card. In the first step this may sounds like a silly, but to look out for there is a couple of possible pitfalls. Before buying a micro SD card you need to check your handset limit because there are huge micro SD cards, but different Android handset has different maximum capacities. There is no use of buying a 128GB card when your device has only 32GB capacity.

The second thing to keep in point is that, you should buy SD cards through reputable retailers. There are many cheap SD cards on Amazon or eBay Marketplace, but mostly there will be some fake cards, that are smaller, unreliable and advertised. So be careful and don’t take the risk.

2) Head to the settings of the phone and on the list scroll down to Apps. First list of every app can be seen on your phone.

3) See how much space is occupied by an app by tapping on that particular app. When you scroll down, there you will see a button labeled as “Move to SD card”. On some handsets submenu of this labeled Storage is available on some handsets. If it is blanked out, then this feature doesn’t support this app.

4) Repeat this procedure to all the apps which you want to move to SD card. You just go back if they start misbehaving and if not press “Move to phone” one by one to move each app.