The best tool to recover lost or deleted NTFS data

NTFS is abbreviated as New Technology File system which is one of the most widely used file system. It is mainly used on Windows OS. There are many other versions of it’s also like NTFS 5, which has some advanced and updated features. There are many security features which make your data safe and secure from many data loss issues. However, in-spite of these precautions, you can find many data loss situations. In some cases it becomes unpredictable and also unavoidable.

Data loss is a common scenario and can happen due to any simple reasons. I too had lost data from these NTFS file system. Actually, I had two partitions on my system, one was installed with FAT32 file system and the other had NTFS file system. After some days, I decided to convert the NTFS system to HFS X, since I needed Mac OS on one of the partition. While doing this, suddenly my system got switched off due to power fluctuations; also I didn’t even have the UPS. Hence my system got shut down and the process was interrupted and got abruptly terminated. After the power came, I restarted my system and tried to boot the NTFS partition. But, I was not able to locate my NTFS partition itself, it was missing due to incomplete file system conversion. I was very much disappointed as I lost my entire partition data. Suddenly, I just called upon my friends, and explained my situation. One of them suggested me to use recovery software called NTFS data recovery software, which could recover your entire data easily. I just used the tool and the results were really amazing, I could get all my data from the NTFS file system within few minutes.

This is not the only situation in which this tool can be used, there are many such scenarios where you lose data and need this tool, and they are:

  • Corrupted Partition table: Power failure or ejecting external drives while the files are being edited may damage your NTFS partition table information, due to which NTFS partition becomes inaccessible
  • Partitioning errors: You may encounter partitioning errors while trying to create new partitions using third party partitioning utilities or while trying to install multiple operating systems
  • Accidental deletion: Accidentally deleting NTFS partition by using fdisk / Windows Disk Management tool or some other third party utilities may lead to partial loss. Even trying to reallocate free space among partitions may lead to the deletion of existing NTFS partition.
  • Accidental formatting: Most of the memory cards, USB drives and other external hard drives use NTFS file system, these storage devices may be accidentally formatted or reformatted resulting thus leading to loss of data

All the above scenarios lead to data loss situations and arises the need for this software. It has several unbeatable features, some of them are:

  • Can easily recover deleted files from NTFS partitions without any difficulties
  • This tool repeatedly scans the drive to locate and restore the data from the deleted, missing or damaged NTFS partition
  • Supports recovery of data from any partition that are formatted with any file system namely, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT
  • Supports recovery of data from various hard drives (SATA / SCSI / IDE / SSD etc.), flash memory cards (SD, XD, SDHC, SDXC, MicroSD, MMC, Memory Stick etc.), USB external drives, FireWire drives and iPod

If you are in the same situation and looking for recovery software, then I would suggest you to use this tool. To recover your lost or deleted data from your NTFS partitions download the trial version of the software here and follow these few simple steps:

  1. Install it on your PC and launch the software
  2. Select the “Recover Drives / Partitions” option, in the next screen choose “Partition Recovery” option
  3. Select the partition from which recovery has to be done and press “Next”
  4. Now, scanning process starts and once it completes , you can preview the recovered files using “Preview” option
  5. If you are satisfied with the results, then purchase the software and save the recovered files