Solution to Retrieve Files from Formatted Hard Disk Drive

The hard drives that are the best source of data storage are known by all the computer users. The system hard drive that is also called as internal hard drive is built-in hard drive for all the desktops and laptops. In this hard drive it stores operating system program files and the files that user stores.  And external hard drive is one that is externally connected to the system to store and fetch useful data or it is widely used to backup required files from system hard drives for safer side. Hard drives are portable hence they can be mounted on different systems to store data and easily removed when it is not required. Also drives like pen drive, memory cards, USB drives, etc are widely used in various electronic gadgets. Storing data on these hard drives is heavily easy and losing the data is also high.

The most commonly occurring scenario of data loss from hard drives is hard drive format. Let us see what is format? Formatting is a process of erasing the data of hard disk and increasing the accessibility of that drive. The process erases all the files and folders present on the drive and check the accessibility of read or write operation on that disk drive. And also during the process of formatting there occur a lot of mistakes that lead to loss of precious data. Here are the scenarios of data loss:

Overwriting the Formatted Hard Drive: Assume, that you have accidentally formatted a hard drive like Western Digital and lost all the data present on it. So in this case if you try to store any new data onto that drive, it overwrites the lost files wherein you cannot recover it using any recover software.

Improper Way of Creating the Backup Data – While creating backup of files before you perform format process on a hard drive, wrong way of backup like creating shortcuts instead of saving it in a location might corrupt the files and thus files become inaccessible and data is lost.

Formatting Wrong Partition- During formatting certain partitions on the hard drive if you format the partition containing important files instead of empty partition then you lose the useful data.

Formatting the Hard Drive without any Back Up- If you format or re-format any hard drive without taking backup of important files then all the data will be lost.

All the above mentioned situations are the various reasons behind data loss from hard drives. Therefore you have to perform formatted hard drive recovery on the hard drive with the help of powerful data recovery tool named Formatted Hard Drive Recovery software which is the easy way to restore lost data from various kinds of hard disk drives. The software easily recovers all formatted data because it has certain notable features to perform recovery.

Advanced Features of Formatted Hard Drive Recovery Software:

  • Formatted Hard Drive Recovery tool retrieves various file types like DOC, TXT, XLS, etc files and folders from formatted hard drives
  • Recovers all corrupted files from virus affected hard drives and storage devices.
  • Restores lost files from formatted Western Digital hard drive and all other storage devices.
  • Retrieves all the media files of all file types like MPEG, JPG, CR2, MP4, MOV, MRW, etc.
  • The software can be easily utilized to recover data from formatted re-formatted hard drives.
  • It also helps in restoring formatted data from various storage devices. This utility supports on various versions of operating systems of both Windows and Mac OS.
  • You can make use of this recover utility to perform formatted hard drive recovery for various kinds of hard drives.