Solution for Deleted Mac Partition Recovery

Hard drives are important storage devices used in computers, laptops, etc. used to store huge amount of data. These hard disk drives are divided into several partitions, where partition is nothing but small portion on the hard disk which can be used as separate disk to store the files. This partition is treated as volume in Mac systems. The main advantage of dividing hard disk into multiple disks is that, the user can use two or more operating systems on the same hard disk for organizing the files in a better way.Deleted Mac partition recovery

Mac HDD partition is used to store the files like audio, video, images, RAW files, spread sheets, document files and some other important files. But due to some known and unknown reasons like accidental deletion, formatting the drive, file transfer interruption, etc. the files get deleted from the Mac drive partition. In this situation don’t get panic because you can effectively perform deleted Mac partition recovery with the assistance of Partition Recovery Mac software.

Reasons behind the deletion Mac hard drive partition:

  • At the time of re-installing the Mac OS from older application to newer one, the user will accidentally format one of the hard drive partitions instead of formatting another partition leads to deletion of  that partition·
  • while partitioning, re-partitioning, re-sizing the hard drive using Disk Management utility, if any interruption occurs then it leads to the deletion of HDD partition.
  • In Mac system, each volume stores the information about file, file threads, file directories, and directory threads and this information is stored in the form of catalog file. If this catalog file gets corrupted, then there may be a chance of deletion Mac hard drive partition.
  • Hard drive crash is also one of the main reasons for the deletion of partitions from the hard drive. This happens due to several unexpected errors like bad sectors, etc.
  • Installing more than one operating system on  Mac hard drive using Boot Camp utility then it results in the deletion of Mac hard drive partition.

Features of Partition Recovery Mac software:

  • This software is used to perform deleted Mac partition recovery from various versions of Mac OS X including Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion, etc.
  • It is used for recovering files such as images, audio, video, spread sheets, document, office files, Word files from HFS+, HFSX, FAT16 and FAT32 volumes.
  • It is a read only application so that it restores the original file without changing or modifying it.
  • This application supports recovery of files from different storage devices like external hard disk, USB flash drive, memory cards, Fire Wire Drives, etc.
  • This software is used to restore deleted files from various Mac devices like MacBook, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, MacBook Pro etc.
  • The recovered files can be restored on the basis of their file name, file size, file creation date, etc.