Simple Procedure to Fix Audio Video Sync Problems in MP4 Video File

Assume that, you are watching your favorite video, and suddenly your audio and video are not getting synchronized due to some problems but you couldn’t find the cause for this problem. Don’t worry! This problem may happen to many users. Some of the common scenarios for non-synchronized audio video problems are stated below:

  • Sometimes, the length of the video frames will be more in number when compared to the length of the audio frame, due to which the audio and video may not get synchronized.
  • In some occasions, playing the video file in a totally incompatible version of the media player may cause the file to get damaged. As a result of this situation the files may not get synchronized.
  • Sometime changing of file formats may result in damaging of your media file. Say for example, you are converting your MP4 into a MPEG file in an inappropriate manner, at this situation your file may get damaged.
  • Improper encoding of video files may also result in audio video mismatch.
  • Sometimes there are chances for the corruption of header of your video file. If the header of a video file gets corrupted, then your entire file may be lost or deleted.
  • Outdated video card and sound card may also results in the mismatching of audio video files.

If your media file got damaged and there is a problem in audio video synchronization, then one of the above stated situations will be the cause for your problem.

The best tool for fixing audio video sync problems in MP4 File:

If your media file got damaged and you are looking to fix audio video out of sync issues in MP4 file, then Repair Mp4 tool allows you to repair your damaged media file and fixes the audio video synchronization problem in an effective way. This tool also fixes corrupted MOV files and allows you to access your file normally. To fix these problems, this Repair Mp4 tool separates out the audio and video data streams separately, repairs them and finally joins them together to create a healthy MP4 file. It is simple to fix audio video sync problems in MP4 file with the help of this recovery tool.

Why to prefer this tool?

  • This tool does not repairs the source file directly. Instead of that, it copies the content of the original file,    repairs it and then creates a new fresh copy of that file.
  • It can repair file from different types of hard risk like IDE, SCSI, SATA and flash memory cards.
  • With the help of this tool, damaged or corrupted DIVIX, AVI and XVID file formats can be fixed.
  • The fixed file format can be played in both Windows as well as Mac.
  • This Repair Mp4 tool comes with a demo version, that repairs corrupted file and allows you to preview the  repaired file. This enables you to evaluate the trial version before purchasing the full version software.