Rescue Lost Photos

Photos are of great importance to as they bring out memories of our past into reality. Nowadays pictures are taken from almost all gadgets varying from cell phones to cameras, iPods and many more devices. In today’s world many people tend to use these SD cards as they have great storage capacity and also they support most of the file types. Sometimes as a result of corrupt memory card the images present in it are lost, also if more than one person uses the device the pictures get lost as we accidentally press the wrong buttons while previewing them in our gadget. Need not worry as there is a photo recovery tool built in with the advanced features and simple user interface to recover lost pictures from your SD card with much ease.

Photos are lost as a result of:

Virus Infection:  While uploading the images across the internet, or while using the virus infected systems for transferring the photos our memory card gets attacked by the virus and hence all the photos present in the SD card are lost.

Power Surge:  Taking pictures while the camera is low on battery or using the device during frequent power cuts may lead to loss of pictures present in it.

Improper Handling:  Removing the device from which the pictures are being transferred to the system or vice versa may lead to corruption of those files. Hence proper care must be taken and the device need not be removed abruptly which may cause valuable data loss.

Unintentional Formatting:

The photo recovery tool is built in with intelligent scanning mechanism which scans the entire drive and recovers lost photos from the device within a short span of time. It has support for most popular versions of Windows operating system ranging from Windows Server 2003 to Windows 7. Recovery of lost raw images can also be done with the help of this utility which uses advanced built in algorithms to support wide range of professional cameras which mainly use SD cards. Multiple file formats of the images such as the JPG, JPEG, and TIFF etc are easily recovered. There are many options provided in this tool and one of them is that the photos can be saved in Zip format, thereby reducing the disk space used.  The special feature of this tool is that the files which are recovered are allowed to be previewed before they can be recovered. After previewing the images recovered from the SD card we can save the recovery session so as to carry out the scanning process at a later stage. It has a simple user interface to recover which easily allows you to recover lost photos from camera without any difficulty. Images recovered after scanning can be previewed before they can be restored back. This tool comes with a trial version hence you can save the recovery process and proceed with it later by activating the trial version.

All the images that are present in your camera or other devices can be stored in your computer.  These pictures that are present in the system can be accessed as and when required. Sometimes as a result of accidental faults or due to some other reasons the files that are saved in the system get lost leading to loss of valuable data. There is no need to get upset! Just get into this link and know how to recover them.