Recover files from WD Passport

Sometime it’s important to keep our beloved or valuable things like memorable photos, documents, videos of digital cameras or it may be music as a safe and secure. You might have spent money to purchase them as well your crucial time to create them. Except these things there may be system files or business files which are stored on hard drive. You may think that there may be a threat of losing data by your mistake or due to some other reasons. So, you will go for external storage devices like, memory card, pen drives, but you may want to go for the external hard drive which should have huge storage capacity and be reliable. So the most preferable external hard drive is Western Digital Passport.

But some unexpected things can also happen with the external hard drives such as you can accidentally delete files from external hard drives or it may be the system problem makes the file loss like system gets shut down while transferring the data, file may be deleted or lost from external hard drive by virus attack. In such situation all of your files from external hard drive may be lost.

Reasons for data loss from external hard drive:-

  • Power loss: – while transferring the data from Western Digital Passport to system or from WD passport to system, all files from the drive may become inaccessible if the power failure happens.
  • Virus threat: – External hard drives like WD My Passport use the file system to manage organized files; these files from hard drive can be lost or deleted by virus attack.
  • Formatting the external hard drive: – mistakenly you can format the external hard drive and all data will be lost from Western Digital passport.

In all the above cases the data loss from external hard drive may take place, so you are now thinking for a solution to get all lost data back at any cost.

No need to worry, fortunately there is a way to get back the lost data from external hard drive I.e. External Hard Drive File Recovery Software. This software can recover any kind of data that you have lost from Western Digital external hard drives and Recover files from WD Passport. It has the capacity to get you back all the lost videos, audios, memorable photos or any other documents.

Make sure before using this software the external hard drive is not overwritten. This External Hard Drive Recovery Software is used to recover files from WD Passport or any other external hard drive. It can also   be used for external storage devices like pen drive, SD card etc.

You can get back all deleted or lost files from WD MY PASSPORT external drive before it is overwritten by new data.

Once try with this software, simply download the trial version and install it. You can get all the lost or deleted files from WD My Passport drive. Once you run the trial version you will come to know how this software really works. To restore all deleted files on your WD Passport you need to purchase the full version of External Hard Drive File Recovery Software.