How to Use ScanPST.exe Tool to Repair Outlook PST Files?

Microsoft Outlook has an in-built inbox repair tool which isMail recovery called as scanpst.exe. This Scanpst.exe helps the user to fix PST file corruption and restore Outlook attributes such as emails, RSS feeds, schedule tasks, calendar events, journals, personal folders, contacts, notes, etc. It repairs each and every type of PST file corruption and errors. Once the PST file is severely damaged or corrupted, then Inbox tool fails to resolve such issue. So, you can make use of Scan PST Tool to repair such corrupted or damaged PST files.

Some errors which can be encountered when Scanpst.exe fails to fix corrupted Outlook PST file are:

  • exe fails with system fatal error- 80040818
  • File is not a valid personal folder
  • exe tool is not responding (an unknown error has occurred)
  • exe entry points not found

Some of the scenarios behind PST file corruption:

  • When PST file exceeds its size limit that is 2GB then some data stored in PST file may get lost. While saving new data within the PST file without realizing that PST file is oversized. As a result of which some Outlook attributes may get deleted or lost without warning. So once such outsized PST file is fixed using the Scan PST software than those lost emails are not recovered.
  • Due to severe spiteful attack onPST file can cause damage to Scanpst.exe tool. So when you used to repair PST file, it shows some error messages due to which some Outlook attributes like emails, contacts, may get lost.
  • PST File may get damaged/corrupted while sharing it on an unsecured network.
  • Sometimeswhen you are operating Outlook, if your computer turns off because of power surge then Microsoft Outlook application may get terminated abruptly and results in severe PST file corruption.
  • PST file header storeswhole information concerning like time and date of PST time creation, size, set address, etc. If PST header gets corrupted because of infection of harmful viruses then it ends up in the corruption of PST file.

Features of Scan PST software:

  • Scan PST software enablesa sophisticated option to search PST file, just in case if you don’t understand wherever specifically PST file is stored on your computer.
  • This software provides you the real time preview option to view the all repaired Outlook attributes.
  • It provides 24*7 technical support to the users if they find any trouble during the installations process or while using the software.
  • The software repairs damaged or corrupted Outlook PST file on all versions of Windows OS such as Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2007, Windows 8, etc.
  • This software provides an option to search the Outlook PST file whose location is not known by the users.
  • Scan PST software is used to repairOutlook attributes such as journals, tasks, emails, contacts, appointments, notes, RSS feeds, calendar things, etc.
  • This software works on all Outlook versions such as MS Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2010, and Outlook 2007.
  • This software provides you two scanning process, first one is Normal scan which are used in Minor corruptions whereas second one is Smart scan which is used in severe corruption of PST file.

Know Which Is The Best microSD Card

lsjdsIt is found that the best microSD is 64GB Samsung EVO Plus for most of the people, after 40 hours of testing and research. This SD card is cost effective and versatile card that is tested in this year, with write speeds for tablets or phones and speedy random read plus fast sequential speeds for other uses.

For the tablet and phone use the write speeds and speedy random read are ideal for the EVO Plus and to shoot 1080p video its sequential write speed is fast enough. Without spending a lot of money you can only get this as the fastest card.

For your Nintendo 3DS XL or 3DS if you need a microSD, then you should get the 32GB version of our pack instead.

If the EVO Plus costs more than $30 or if it is out of stock, then you need to opt for 64GB Samsung EVO instead. The read speed of the EVO Plus is double the sequential read speed of the EVO, but when compared with our pack the EVO is usually a couple dollars cheaper, and it has faster random write and read speeds when compared to other competition and to record1080p video it is still faster enough.

The favorite action camera for the owners of the GoPro Hero4 it is liked to have 64GB Lexar 633x. For that camera at the time of publications by the GoPro it is the least expensive recommended card.

These days not many devices use microSD cards. Before purchasing a SD card first of all you need to check whether the SD card is needed to you or your device will support the microSD cards or not. Nowadays most of the smartphones are manufactured without the SD cards such as Windows Phones, iPhones and even flagship Android phones, because they are dependent on microSD slots.

Some of the devices will support the microSD card but also there will be sufficient internal memory such as Moto X Pure Edition, LG G4, the Nvidia Shield tablet, and Moto G. So there will be no use of buying microSD card in such devices.

Outlook Email Recovery Software – Restore Lost or Deleted Mails in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is one of the popular and reliable user-friendly email client application designed and developed by Microsoft Company. Outlook comes along with the package of Microsoft Office Suite and contains so many Outlook attributes like emails, contacts, notes, RSS feeds, calendar entries, junk folders, etc. Outlook consists of mainly two files named OST and PST file. Personal storage table (PST) file permits the storage of all the Outlook attributes so it is mandatory to take the backup of PST file as the chances of corruption of this file is more.

Mail recoveryNowadays emails play an important role in the world of communication. Most of the organizations, schools, institutions, companies use emails for communication purpose. Sometimes Outlook users might get frustrated due to deletion or loss of important emails from their Outlook account. There are various known and unknown errors behind the loss of emails. Don’t get panic under those conditions, no matter how the mails get deleted or lost but you can easily recover your mails from Outlook with the help of this Outstanding and trustworthy software named Mail Recovery software.

How mails get deleted or lost from Outlook?

Sometimes while deleting unwanted emails from the Outlook account, the user might select some important emails accidentally and hit delete option. This results in the deletion of valuable emails. While receiving or sending the PST file over the internet, if any sort of disturbance occurs like internet disconnection, abrupt system shutdown, etc. then it results in the corruption of PST file and the user cannot able to access any mail from it. As we all know that header of PST file permits the storage of entire file details like file name, file size, file creation and modified date if it gets corrupted then it results in the corruption of PST files and results in loss of emails. Some other reasons responsible for the deletion of emails are presence of bad sectors on hard drive, hard drive crash, Outlook application crash, hardware issues, virus attacks, poor antivirus applications, etc.

Salient Features of Mail Recovery Software:

This software is used recover deleted or lost emails on various versions of Windows operating system such as Windows 8, 7, Windows XP, Vista, Windows server 2003 and server 2008. It supports mail recovery from various Outlook versions like Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, etc. This reliable tool is also used for recovering deleted Outlook attributes like tasks, notes, RSS feeds, calendar entries, etc. It consists of instinctive scanning algorithm which performs the quick scan of corrupted PST file and recovers deleted mails with few mouse clicks. This reliable tool is also used to repair damaged, corrupted, and inaccessible PST file. This software is a read only tool that creates the copy of damaged file and repairs the file without disturbing the file structure of source file. This application is also capable of repairing highly encrypted and password protected PST files. It consists of a preview features which helps the user to preview the recovered mails before going to restore them.

Software to Recover Lost or Deleted Photos from SD Card, USB, HDD

Just imagine that you have lost or unknowingly deleted your wedding photos which are most memorable moment’s images of your life from your computer. It is not at all easy to imaging such a horrible situation isn’t it? If this thing happens in reality, then it could be more painful than anything else.

Usually we save our important pictures on various storage devices including memory cards, computer hard drives, external hard disks, flash drives, and many more. We feel that our favorite photos saved in our storage devices are very safe and secure. However, many a times, even in spite of lots of precautions taken, also proves to be in vain when our memorable photos get lost or missing from the storage location in various circumstances.

Now let us know few common scenarios that cause loss or deletion of pictures from saved location:

Accidental Deletion: One of the most common reason behind loss of photos is accidental deletion. At times, while previewing photos from our digital camera, we may accidentally press Delete All option, which erases entire images within fraction of seconds. Or else, while deleting unwanted photos, we may accidentally erase few important photos along with useless images.

Unintentional Formatting: Formatting is the easier way to clear all the contents of any drive. Therefore, if formatting happens accidentally on the drive containing our valuable pictures, then all our photos will be lost. Sometimes, we may accidentally format our hard drive, USB flash drive, memory card, etc when connected to our computer instead of formatting other drive.

Image Transfer Interruption: At times, while transferring pictures from our removable storage devices such as memory cards, external hard drives, flash drives, pen drives, etc to our computer or vice versa, pulling out storage device from the system abruptly, sudden power outages, etc can lead to deletion of few images from our storage drives.

Other Reasons: Some of the other factors behind loss or deletion of images are file system corruption, deletion by third party tools, faulty firmware of our cameras, capturing images in low battery state, virus or malware attack on storage drive containing pictures, etc.

If you come across any of the above mentioned photo loss scenarios, then immediately stop using your storage devices in order to avoid overwriting of new pictures on the lost or deleted images on your devices. Then, before storing any new photos on your storage drive from where you have lost your pictures, implement Advanced Photo Recovery software and easily recover photos that you have deleted or lost in few simple steps. This software has been designed and developed using advanced scanning engines, which helps out in recovering all types of images such as JPG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, CRW, NEF, CR2, ARW, RAW, PSD, PNG, DNG, SR2, ORF, X3F, RAF, MRW, and many more with great ease. One can try test the capability of this Advanced Photo Recovery software by downloading and executing free trial version of the tool.

Salient Features of Advanced Photo Recovery software:

The demo version of the software, after finishing scanning process, allows you to create entire images recovery session by providing an advanced feature called “Save Recovery Session”. Therefore, after you purchase the licensed version of this software, you do not have to waste your precious time by rescanning your storage drive again for recovering your images; instead “Open Recovery Session” feature helps you in resuming saved recovery session, which you saved in demo version earlier. It supports photo recovery from hard disk drives, USB drives, SD cards, xD cards, MMC cards, CF cards, and many more storage devices with utmost ease.

Know How to Create Windows 10 Recovery Drive

A Recovery Drive lets the user boot their computer or laptops. In order to revive a falling Windows 10 system Recovery Drive access number of troubleshooting and recovery tools. Now let us discuss how to create a Windows 10 Recovery Drive. You can create a Recovery Drive either on a USB flash drive or on an optical disc but both will produce the same recovery tool.Windows 10 Recovery Drive
The only difference is that the USB flash drive version is created by using a using a stand-alone application while the optical disc is created from the “Backup And Restore Windows 7 user interface. No matter if you create Recovery Drive on USB drive or on optimal disc but it is mandatory that the Recovery Drive is bit specific. For example, if you create Recover Drive on Windows 10 64-bit version then you are not able to use the same drive to boot up a 32-bit version.
Using a USB flash drive: The USB flash drive which is going to be used will become a dedicated Recovery Drive and you will not be able to use that flash drive for another purpose. A free space of minimum 330MB is required for the contents of the Recovery Drive.  If you want to include some system files then you need more space. Thus, if you are going to create a Recovery Drive then 1GB USB flash drive will be enough. If you want to create the Recovery Drive by using USB flash drive then you have to follow some simple steps which are mentioned below

  • First open the Control Panel and type Recovery in the search box. Now click on the “Create A Recovery Drive” option.
  • Now you will encounter User Account Control panel and click “Yes” to continue the further process. In the next step, you will be asked to backup the system files to the Recovery Drive and it is an optional one. Now click Next button.
  • Select your USB drive. If the drive is not connected then connect it to your system. Windows10 will then rescan your system and display the drive. Now you are warned that the contents on the drive will be deleted.
  • Now click on the Create option and the Recovery Drive tool formats the drive and copy all the files to the drive.

Using an optimal disc: If you want to launch the Recovery Drive by using optimal disc follow this simple procedure

  • First open the Control Panel and type Windows 7 in the search box. When the search is completed click the Backup And Restore (Windows 7) link.
  • Now you will see the Backup And Restore Windows 7 user interface, select the “Create A System Repair Disc” command which is located on the left side of the screen to launch the creation too
  • Finally, click the Create Disc button. The program will begin the process of creating the disc.

Tips to Move Android Apps to an SD Card

Android OS was introduced by the Google, which is implied for different smartphones. Android has many advanced applications that made the life easier and faster, that intern saves the time of the users. Each and every app occupies different amount of memory. Sometimes the phone memory may have less storage capacity, so installing many or big sized apps are impossible. To have free space in the phone memory you need to move Android apps to the SD card.

move-apps-to-sd-card-on-android-4.3-devicesWith an inexpensive micro SD card, the ability to expand the storage space is one of the biggest advantages of most of the Android smartphones. Generally 128 GB of additional space is allowed by Android smartphones and 16-32 GB of internal storage space is allowed.

Of course micro SD is not allowed by all of the handsets. Notably the Samsung Galaxy S6 dropped the feature, for example on the handset with micro SD card, the ability to move apps is handy in order to lighten the load on the internal storage. But every handset will not support this and also this can be only done for specific apps.

1) Firstly you need a SD card. In the first step this may sounds like a silly, but to look out for there is a couple of possible pitfalls. Before buying a micro SD card you need to check your handset limit because there are huge micro SD cards, but different Android handset has different maximum capacities. There is no use of buying a 128GB card when your device has only 32GB capacity.

The second thing to keep in point is that, you should buy SD cards through reputable retailers. There are many cheap SD cards on Amazon or eBay Marketplace, but mostly there will be some fake cards, that are smaller, unreliable and advertised. So be careful and don’t take the risk.

2) Head to the settings of the phone and on the list scroll down to Apps. First list of every app can be seen on your phone.

3) See how much space is occupied by an app by tapping on that particular app. When you scroll down, there you will see a button labeled as “Move to SD card”. On some handsets submenu of this labeled Storage is available on some handsets. If it is blanked out, then this feature doesn’t support this app.

4) Repeat this procedure to all the apps which you want to move to SD card. You just go back if they start misbehaving and if not press “Move to phone” one by one to move each app.

Intel’s Computer Stick With its new Looks and Design

Intel’s compact StickThis Year Intel’s compact Stick form factor will be getting faster than earlier. Now as the basics of the first generation, Intel design a pair of Compute Stick with many things new in it and also the new core series processor which works based on the sixth generation. This core chip M processor architecture will support the working on the sixth generation of Intel and here M is the series which is used to design the chip of this stick and it is very advanced when compared to the others. It uses the concept of the other first generation but anyhow it never works as same as earlier. It is totally faster than the earlier chips.You may have idea about the first chip model which was designed with Intel Core m3 processor and starting price of that device was $399, £272 and AU$564 at different places of the World. It is not much powerful core when compared to the latest one that is of m5 series which included many features and its cost $499, £341 and AU$706 and the main thing about this two that these two chips are well supported by the Windows latest version that is Windows 10.

While coming its features, its supports 64 GB of storage and capable of 4GB internal memory and have 802.11 ac Wi-Fi connectivity. Three USB connections are well designed in this device. From this feature, you can transfer data in a faster rate and also the task can be completed in a lesser time.

Intel’s compact Stick

Applications of this Device:

It is especially designed for connecting to the Windows 10 and other desktop, but including this you can also connect to the TV and then can change the TV and run as computer. With this you can perform the different task on the desktop of TV with the help of this Stick. There is also availability of the larger device which can be get in an USB flash drive which usually make home theater PC (HTPC).

Have you ever heard about the processor introduced by the Intel in addition to the more powerful and pricier Core M Compute Stick and the Atom x5 processor is designed which works very faster than the earlier one as it is designed with impressive technique. You should know about its cost and specification so that you may buy this in future or now and get benefited with its application. 32GB of storage and 2GB of memory will be the inbuilt designed of this model Atom Z8300 processor its cost for $159, £108,and AU$225 and it is well supported Bluetooth and it also come with 802.11ac Wi-Fi connection.

Advanced Technical Terms Related to Display Devices

resIn this era of technology, mostly peoples wants to use advanced and latest thinks by which they can feel and utilize the benefit and its features. In such advanced technology, there are many terms by which allows to user to take the real time effects. In the term of high definition television or computer monitor, there are various thinks such as resolutions, panel types, refresh rates, etc. by which people feel the real things. These terms are most important in the term of quality of display device.

The term resolution in computer monitor, high definition television, laptops or other display device is the amount of individual pixels in each dimension on screen which can be shown. It can be an indistinct term, particularly as the showed resolution is controlled by various elements in CRT (cathode ray tube), flat panel display which contains liquid crystal displays, or projection displays using fixed image element arrays. It is commonly mentioned as the multiplication of display device width to its height, with the units in pixels. Let us describe it with the help of an example, “1280 × 960” means the height is 960 pixels and width is 1280 pixels.

In general, monitors and other display devices are coming in various resolution and screen size. To develop these display devices like (Liquid Cristal Display) LCD there are many panel technologies used like IPS, VA, PLS, AHVA and TN. TN (Twisted Nematic) is relevant inexpensive display which is the most common consumer display. The pixel response time on Twisted Nematic panels is adequately fast to avoid the shadow trail and ghosting items of previous production.

IPS (In-Plane Switching) was designed by Hitachi organization in 1996 to improve on view angle and color reproduction of Twisted Nematic panels in particular time. The name of IPS comes from the variations from Nematic panels. Basically, it IPS the crystal molecules move parallel to the panel plane in its place of perpendicular to it.

The next term is refresh rate, it considers the affects responsive the monitor looks and feels to the user. Most of the liquid crystal display monitor runs at 60 Hz refresh rate of under their built-in resolution. It indicates that up to 60 distinct frames of information displays in every second with a 16.66 micro second ‘gap’ between the frames. Refresh rate value can be altered, but the value must be predefined. In normal monitor, refresh rate value cannot be changed. There are some select LCD monitor which runs in their built-in resolutions at a refresh rate of 120Hz or higher in sometime.

How to Fix Outlook OST File With Much Ease?

Microsoft Outlook application is an email client that is mainly used by the most IT professional in the companies. With the help of this software, users not only send and receive mails but also attach many thinks along with emails. Outlook facilitates user with different feature of attributes that are calendars, contacts, tasks, appointments, to do list and more. It helps user to organize all these attributes that are attached with mails. Due to this Outlook is called as standalone application.

About OST file:

Fix OSTOutlook software also stores all its data in a file format extension called as .OST file. The abbreviation of OST is Offline Storage Table and it is one form of storage file of Microsoft Outlook. The benefits of OST file is that it allows user to go on with their work on Outlook even if the application is in offline mode or disconnected from Microsoft Exchange Server. User can send new mails, schedule appointments, save or create contacts, delete or read the emails and many more in the offline mode (i.e. without internet connection).

After user get connected with the internet, what and all user has worked or changes made in their Outlook profile account are automatically gets synchronized with the Microsoft Exchange Server and then are stored on the system hard disk in a OST file format. Suppose, if any damage occur to the Exchange Server does not affect user’s OST file that are saved on the hard drive.

Offline Storage Table enables user to work in offline but, they are also vulnerable to corruption or damage in various factors. Did your Outlook OST file get corrupted from the PC? If you want to know the process to repair OST file and need to get back data which are saved in the OST file, then get a best solution such as Fix OST Software. It will take care of all the issues related with the corruption of OST file and its inaccessibility.

What are the scenarios for damaging or corrupting Outlook OST file?

In most situations, accidental or unintentional is the main reasons which lead to corruption of OST file. One such factor is that, when users dismount Exchange Server to prevent unauthorized user from using Outlook data that are saved on OST file and afterwards when user again tries to connect or mount an issues arises in the form of error message and then results in inaccessibility of OST file. Only on the server collaborated environment, the OST file can accesses and viewed.

After finishing the work on Outlook, user should keep the habit of quitting the Outlook application in a proper way by saving all the alteration done to the OST file by clicking on close or exit button which is available in menu option. However, if user abnormally shut down system at the time of synchronizing OST file in the Exchange Server. Then, chances of corrupting offline storage table (OST) file are more.

The main problem occurs for the user when the data contain in the OST file is not available anywhere else. To overcome from this kind of problem and to repair corrupted OST file make use of FIX OST Software.

Use the demo version of this program in the system and evaluate its OST file repairing potential on the basis of its product worthiness and then user can go for the licensed version to save the data in the storage devices. During repairing process, it can recover all the attributes of the Outlook such as mails, contacts, calendar items, and more. With the help of this tool, user can fix OST file which might be corrupted on any operating system version of Windows such as Windows 8, Vista, Windows 7, XP, and more.

How to Listen Audiobook on iOS

Audiobooks are the advanced technology of listening books in MP3 files instead of reading. It has good advantage; you can save time instead of reading a book. Many of you may be the fans of audiobook and listen your favorite books in different places such as in gym, in cars, in home, while jogging, in office, etc. In advanced operating systems of Apple i.e. iOS you can use audiobook also. Audiobooks are available in plenty of sources and you can buy & download books from, also you can buy from Apple’s iBooks store. There are audiobooks available on MP3 CDs, which contains books already converted to MP3 files and you can add iTunes library without ripping.


Now let us go through how to listen audiobook on iOS?

To listen audiobook you need to make you of any application. Let us discuss about some app’s by which we can buy and listen audiobooks effectively.

  1. Apple’s iBooks app: Apple introduces iBooks app to facilitate the users to listen audiobooks in an effective way. By using iBook app you can adjust the speed (which ever speed is convenient to you), you can skip ahead, back 15 seconds and you can also set sleep timer. One important thing in this app is you can access book chapters also, tap the chapters bottom which is present at the top right of the window and you will find list of chapters. There you can select your required chapter to listen.
  2. Audible’s app: Audible’s iOS app is applicable only for audiobook app. It will only display library. Here all the books you buy in Audible is stored in cloud only. The books you have downloaded by using Audible app and stored in your device will be displayed in this app. In Audible app you can choose the chapters only from cloud.
  3. Bookmobile: It is the third party tool to access audiobooks and its cost is $4. Some versions of bookmobile are available for free, but you cannot access all audiobooks in free versions. The interface is not much effective and it is hard to access the audiobooks in bookmobile. Continue reading to know more about audiobook on iOS.