How to Restore Files from Trash Folder on Mac?

Trash is a temporary storage location for deleted files and folders on the Mac OS. It is an invisible folder, which is located at the root directory of the Mac OS. It is mainly used to store the deleted files from the Mac OS. Whenever you delete a file from your Mac system using “Command + Delete”, the deleted file will be first sent to this Trash Bin. After emptying the trash, the files will be lost or deleted permanently. If there is more than one account in the system, then each account will have its own Trash. In case you connect any external or secondary hard drive to your system, then it will link to the Trash folder of the User account which is active. Even though, you have many safety measures provided by Mac OS, there are many issues pertaining to data loss. Yes, even if it has very strong shield against virus infection or hard drive crash (has journal files that aids in recovering files even after hard drive crash, there are chances of losing data.

Various Reasons for Data Loss on Mac System

Consider a situation in which you have many unwanted files on your system and you wish to delete them. While doing this you will select some files and do “Command + Delete” option and delete them. But after some days you will realize that along with the other unwanted files, you have deleted the important files also. Then you suddenly check your Trash, to find these files. Also you will find, but in excitement instead of doing “Restore Trash”, you may select “Empty Trash”. Due to which you will lose all your important files from your Mac trash. Don’t worry, you can easily restore them. I know, now you will be thinking about how to restore Trash on Mac? The only solution for all your queries is Trash Recovery Mac software, which can easily recover your entire Trash files even after emptying it.

This is not just one reason for this data loss; you can find many such issues in which you lose your data. You may delete your important files, but they will just be moved to Trash folder. You can restore the files from there, but, what if you delete the files from your Trash? Yes, in some situations, you may unknowingly remove the files from your Trash. Sometimes you will empty the trash thinking that the files are unwanted. And then realize their importance and regret for doing it. These are just illustrations for data loss by emptying the trash. However, this utility can recover these files effectively and also within few minutes.

Some of the Main Features of the Tool that makes this Recovery Possible are:

  • You can easily restore the files on Mac OS with the help of its advanced scanning algorithm.
  • Along with the deleted files it can also restore back the data lost in any situation like hard drive crash, formatting and many others.
  • It supports recovery of data from HFSX and HFS+ file systems.
  • This tool allows you to sort the recovered files based on the name, size, date of creation, etc.
  • It can easily identify more than 300 types of files even after recovery with the help of the unique files signatures.
  • This is a complete tool and also can restore items Trash Mac Lion, Mac, Leopard, Mac Snow Leopard and many.
  • To recover your entire deleted files from your trash on Mac just follow these simple steps: