How to Repair Corrupt MOV file?

Nowadays most people get refreshed by watching movies and videos on their computers, mobiles and other multimedia devices. They sometimes get frustrated because of some movie files got corrupted due to any issues like playing videos on unsupported media player, harmful virus attack on movie files, corrupted movie headers, etc. The term file format means a file extension by which we can save files on your computer’s hard drive. There are various movie file formats are available like AVI, MKV, WMV, etc. but MOV file format is most preferred one amongst them.

It is necessary to install QuickTime player on Mac or Windows operating systems for playing MOV file. Though initially QuickTime player is first introduced for Mac operating system as a part of Mac installation later it was available for Windows operating system also as third party application. MOV file format is broadly used for storing audio files, 3D animation files, music files and many more. Its headache when you realize that MOV file get corrupted and it’s not playing and you get annoyed because you had spent much time to download that file, in such condition you might think how to repair corrupt MOV file?. Then make use of MOV file Repair Software.

Causes of MOV file corruption:

  • While you downloading a MOV Video file at that time videos might get corrupted due to CRC (Cyclic redundancy check) error, and if this problem takes place then it will eventually corrupt the MOV file.
  • MOV files get corrupt when you playing that MOV file on any inappropriate or unauthenticated media player.
  • When you compressing a MOV file by some unreliable software or application then there is a strong chance of damaging the MOV file.
  • Virus contamination or the malicious code may be the main reason behind corruption of MOV file. If your system has exposed to any unsafe source like virus infected external storage device, visiting the unauthorized website, these are some possible reasons of MOV file corruption.
  • Main reason behind corruption of MOV file is “corrupted MOV header” which may lead MOV file made unable to play on QuickTime player.

You may duly avoid the corruption of MOV file by opting some precautionary measures like avoid playing MOV file on any unreliable Media player, installing anti-virus software on system to restrict virus to enter in system, ensuring the uninterrupted file transfer process.

Proficient Features of MOV File Repair Software:

This tool has automatic repair option which separates audio and video data streams and adjoins them to create playable video file. MOV File Repair Utility supports almost all audio and video codecs such as RAW, MP4, 3GP, MPEG, MPEG2, etc. this proficient tool has the capability to repair truncated files or files which are get abruptly finalized by the camera because of faulty firmware. It can support recovery on all recent versions of Windows operating system including Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista and all latest versions of Mac including Leopard, Snow leopard, Lion, etc. If you want know about how to fix the audio delay in MP4 video then click here: