How to Recover SD Card Files from Mac

SD Card is a portable data storage media and it is very widely used by millions of users around the globe. One of the major advantage of Secure Digital Card is it is portable i.e. you can carry this data storage device along with you wherever you go and it can be used on various electronic devices like computer, digital camera, smart phones etc. As it is used on different electronic Medias the chance of becoming corrupt and losing data from it is very high. Once losing data from SD card getting back the lost data on Mac system is a major issue to most of the users. Most of the Mac users think that recovering data from a corrupted SD card on Mac computer is impossible and become frustrated.

Well, no need to become frustrate, as you can recover files from SD card on Mac with the help of powerful data recovery tool. Mac file recovery is one such powerful application to recover all the lost files from SD card on your Mac system. It’s not a difficult task, all you need to do is just download the free trial version of the software and run the application on your Mac computer. After scanning the SD card the software will give you an option called “Preview” using which you can view all the recovered files before to restoration. But data restoration is impossible unless you purchase the licensed version of Mac file recovery application. Before going to know much about this software let us know all the scenarios which lead to data loss from SD cards.

The various data loss scenarios from SD card are:-

  1. Virus attack: When your SD card is severely affected by harmful virus and malwares and if you scan your SD card using updated antivirus application on your Mac computer then, it will removes all the virus affected files from the SD card which lead to data loss
  2. File system corruption: If the file system of your SD card gets corrupt then it results in data loss from such a corrupted SD card
  3. Interrupting data transfer process: If you remove your Secure Digital card from your Mac computer abruptly during data transfer process then it will result in data loss from SD card.
  4. Power Failure: Sudden power surge when you are accessing data stored in SD card on your Macintosh computer will also result in huge data loss from it.

Have you come across any of the above mentioned scenarios of data loss and searching for an easy method for data recovery? If yes, then use Mac file recovery software to get back all the lost data from your SD card on your Mac computer. This application has the capability to get back all the lost files very quickly without any difficulty. It can recover lost files from SD card on Mac system in just only few mouse clicks within just a matter of few seconds and it is very fast and accurate tool i.e. it can recover lost files without making any alterations to the original files. Mac file recovery tool comes out with many advanced features.

Advanced Features of Mac file recovery software:

Mac file recovery program can recover over more than 300 file types which include spread sheets, Excel sheets, PowerPoint files, Word documents, image files, audio files, video files, PSD files, PDF files, program files and many more. It has the capacity to recover lost files from different data storage devices on your Mac system like pen drives, external hard disks, SD cards, MMC cards, memory cards etc. Mac file recovery tool supports data recovery from FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, NTFS 5, HFS, HFS + formatted SD cards on your Mac system. It even supports data recovery from SD cards on different types of hard drive interfaces like SCSI, IDE, PATA and SATA. It supports data recovery on all the versions of Mac operating systems like Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard, Lion etc.

Other features of Mac file recovery tool:

Mac file recovery is completely virus and malware free application as it is digitally signed. It provides very simple user interface so that anyone can handle this tool without any difficulty. It provides free customer support. It is cost effective tool as it is available at very reasonable rate in the market. Mac file recovery is very fast and effective application. It is very robust tool. It requires only nominal free space of 50 MB for installation. Mac file recovery is very safe, secure and efficient application to recover lost files from SD cards on your Macintosh computer. Hence it is one of the best tool available to recover lost data from Secure Digital cards on Mac computer.

Useful Tips:

  1. Regularly scan your SD cards with the updated version of antivirus application to avoid data loss from corrupted SD cards
  2. Do not eject your SD card from your Mac system during data transfer process
  3. Use safe and secure mode to remove your SD card from the Mac system
  4. Make use of power backup utility UPS in order to avoid data loss from your SD card due to sudden power surge while accessing SD card