How to recover photos from corrupted memory card

Memory cards are flash memory storage devices for digital cameras, mobile phone and camcorders. There are different types of memory cards such as SD card, xD card, MMC, SmartCard etc. The size of these memory cards vary from 512 MB to 64 GB.

These days everyone is using digital cameras to click photos and preserve them on computer hard drive. The photos from digital camera can be transferred to computer using USB cable provided with the digital camera or by removing memory card from the memory card slot of digital camera and copying them using memory card reader. While copying photos from memory card to computer using memory card reader there might be situation where an error might pop up stating user to format the memory card before using it. This error pops up when file system of memory card gets corrupted and photos on memory card will be in accessible. In such situation user might be confused as how to recover photos from corrupted memory card.

There are several reasons for corruption of memory card of digital camera. Some of them are

  • Trying to eject the memory card when camera is still ON.
  • Using same memory card in different cameras.
  • Turning OFF the camera when user copying photos from camera to computer.
  • Sudden power fluctuation of shutting down the system while photos are being transferred.
  • Continuous plugging and unplugging of memory card from memory card slot.
  • Trying to click pictures when the memory card is full. Memory cards that are full can overwrite the memory card headers.

To avoid photo loss situation from memory cards of digital cameras it is advised to take regular backup of photos from camera. In any case if you have faced this situation and cant access photos from memory card, then you are advised to use recovery software which can recover photos from corrupted memory card.

Remo Recover (Windows) – Media Edition is one such software that can recover photos from corrupted memory card. It has an advanced built in algorithm which scans, reads and displays the content from the memory card. It is read only software and does not modify or write anything on memory card and saves the results in user specified location. Software has advanced features which are highly interactive and simple to understand for non-technical persons. Software gives an option to view the photos much before recovering them from memory card. The software has the ability to identify most of the photo file formats which are used by digital cameras. This software not only recovers photos, it can also be used to recover text files, documents, audio files and video files from any storage device. Software comes in two versions one for Windows OS users and other for Mac OS users, user can select the software as per there OS requirement. The demo version of this software is distributed for free on official Remo Software website. Users can download the software and recover photos from corrupted memory card.