How to Recover Partition Which Is Missing or Deleted on Mac & Windows Computer?

Partitions, also known as Disk Partitions are nothing but the separation of a hard drive into a multiple divisions in your computer, that has been made according to your convenience. Most of the computer hard drives comes from the factory with only one partition (usually drive C). This partition contains all the files relevant to your Operating System. Keeping all your data in this drive is bit risky, so that partitions are made. Generally, Windows uses partitions of many file systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, etc. Unauthorized access of files and folders are restricted by this file system at certain extent. All the data that are stored in the partitions are often checked and tracked by these advanced file system.Recover Partition

But, sometimes there are chances for your partitions to get deleted or lost due to system failures as well as some human errors/carelessness. If it happens to you, don’t worry. You can restore your deleted/lost partition with the help of a tool called “My Partition Recovery”. This tool can perform retrieving process with some advanced algorithms.

Reasons for Partition Deletion or Loss:

  • Deletion Using Windows Disk Management Utility: With the help of Windows Disk Management, it is possible to delete your partition. Sometimes, while working with that utility program, there are chances in which you may accidentally delete your important partition. This situation happens only because of the carelessness of the user.
  • During Re-installation of Windows / Mac OS: Imagine that, you are re-installing Windows / Mac OS in your computer. Suppose, you have encountered a power surge before finishing your OS installation. At this situation your partition may get deleted as a result of this interruption.
  • Volume Header Corruption: In Mac hard drive, volume header is a place in which all the details of data are stored on that Volume. If this volume header gets deleted, then all the information stored on your Volume header becomes inaccessible. Sometimes, there are even chances for that volume to get deleted or lost.
  • Other Reasons: There are some other situations in which your Operating System files may get corrupted without your knowledge because of several errors like malware attack, registry errors, etc. As a result, the partition may get deleted or lost.

Why this Software?

“My Partition Recovery” will help you to recover partition on Windows as well as on Mac OS. And it can also recover deleted or lost data from other FAT16, FAT32, NTFS5, ExFAT partitions. Different types of NTFS hard drives like SATA, IDE, SCSI, etc also be recovered by this tool. Compressed files from NTFS drives can also be recovered easily with the help of this tool. Data that are lost form RAID0, RAID5 and RAID1 can be recovered in an effective manner. The best feature provided by this tool is the “Save Recovery Session”. This option allows the you to resume the recovery process according to your convenience. You can recover NTFS partitions from hard drives of different types such as IDE, SATA, SCSI, etc.