How to perform formatted hard drive recovery

Computers have become common gadgets these days and users use them to store data. Whatever the users stores on computer is saved on hard drive. Hard drive is a main part of the computer which is responsible to store user’s data. There are different types of hard disk such as SATA, SCSI, ATA, IDE etc, even though hard drive are of different types the primary function of it is to save and retrieve data. Hard drive comes in various sizes ranging from 160 GB to 2 TB. The hard disk can be partitioned into many drives so as to segregate the data. The motive behind segregation is to separate operating system files and user stored files.

Sometimes, user may upgrade the system with new operating system and format the system without saving important data from it. In such cases user might be wondering as how to recover the data from the formatted hard drive. Formatted hard drive recovery can be done using data recovery software.

There are several scenarios where data from the hard drive can be formatted. Some of the most common senrios are listed below

  • Accidentally formatting partition on hard drive: – While formatting the computer accidentally selecting and formatting the wrong partition on the hard drive can result in data loss from the computer.
  • Converting file system: – Occurrence of error while converting the hard drive file system from FAT to NTFS can lead to corruption of the hard drive. When file system gets corrupted hard drive becomes inaccessible and data is almost lost from the hard drive.
  • Installing of multiple OS on single hard drive: – It is noticed that users install dual operating system on single computer. There might be corruption of partition while user trying to make dual OS boot installation.

When hard drive is formatted operating system does not deleted the data permanently from the hard drive. It only erases the index pointing to the data. Hence the data is invisible and users assume that it has been deleted permanently from the hard drive.

Whatever might be the reason for data being formatted from the hard drive, it can always be recovered using data recovery software’s. Remo Recover (Windows) – Pro Edition is one such software which is most trusted under any data loss situation from the hard drive. This software is capable to recover data from FAT 16, FAT 32, ExtFAT and NTFS file system formatted hard drives. This software not only recovers data from formatted hard drive it can also recover data lost or deleted from external hard drive, USB drive, memory cards and other storage devices. The recovered files are displayed on the basis of name, creation date, file size and file type. It has the ability to identify more then 300 file types which include images, songs, videos etc. Software gives an option to preview the files before recovering. The demo version of the software is distributed for free on Remo Software website, where in the users can download the demo version and evaluate the recovered results. Once satisfied with the results users can purchase the full version of the software.