How to Listen Audiobook on iOS

Audiobooks are the advanced technology of listening books in MP3 files instead of reading. It has good advantage; you can save time instead of reading a book. Many of you may be the fans of audiobook and listen your favorite books in different places such as in gym, in cars, in home, while jogging, in office, etc. In advanced operating systems of Apple i.e. iOS you can use audiobook also. Audiobooks are available in plenty of sources and you can buy & download books from, also you can buy from Apple’s iBooks store. There are audiobooks available on MP3 CDs, which contains books already converted to MP3 files and you can add iTunes library without ripping.


Now let us go through how to listen audiobook on iOS?

To listen audiobook you need to make you of any application. Let us discuss about some app’s by which we can buy and listen audiobooks effectively.

  1. Apple’s iBooks app: Apple introduces iBooks app to facilitate the users to listen audiobooks in an effective way. By using iBook app you can adjust the speed (which ever speed is convenient to you), you can skip ahead, back 15 seconds and you can also set sleep timer. One important thing in this app is you can access book chapters also, tap the chapters bottom which is present at the top right of the window and you will find list of chapters. There you can select your required chapter to listen.
  2. Audible’s app: Audible’s iOS app is applicable only for audiobook app. It will only display library. Here all the books you buy in Audible is stored in cloud only. The books you have downloaded by using Audible app and stored in your device will be displayed in this app. In Audible app you can choose the chapters only from cloud.
  3. Bookmobile: It is the third party tool to access audiobooks and its cost is $4. Some versions of bookmobile are available for free, but you cannot access all audiobooks in free versions. The interface is not much effective and it is hard to access the audiobooks in bookmobile. Continue reading to know more about audiobook on iOS.