Fix Invalid ZIP File Format Error

ZIP file uses compression method to save disk space, where it can compress large sized files in one single folder named ZIP archive. This archive contains entire information compressed in ZIP file and it can be easily transferred over a network. However, when ZIP file corrupted or damaged you will start encounter ZIP file format error like “Invalid file format error”. If such error occurs while trying to access on any ZIP file, then make use of this simple user interface software ZIP Repair tool which can fix all types of such errors without difficulty.

When user wish to send some personal data like favorite songs, movies, pictures and other important documents on online. There might be high chances that certain files may fail to transfer. In order to compress such data and to make easy transfer, ZIP archive can be used. Sometimes, even this ZIP archive may get corrupt or damaged due to fallowing reasons.

  • Every ZIP archive has a header file that consists of information such as file extension, name, size, date etc. When this header file get corrupts or damages due to sudden termination of system will result in loss of valuable data.
  • Virus attack is one major problem to corrupt or damage ZIP file. If you use any untrusted third party application or virus infected software like WinZip within system, then it might affect ZIP file which becomes difficult to extract contents of ZIP archive.
  • CRC errors are one important cause for corrupting ZIP files. CRC (Control Redundancy Check) are usually used to check similarities among sent data and received data. If these data is not matching, then it leads to CRC error and you may not able to extract files using WinZip software.

If you come across above circumstances, and when you try to extract such corrupted or damaged archives, then it will start giving error messages for instance: “Cannot open file: Invalid archive”, “The ZIP file is corrupt or damaged”, “Compression error: cannot open file” or “Bad CRC”. This software can fix ZIP file after Invalid file format and also repairs all such errors and situations within span of time.

Some prominent features of this software are:

  • This powerful tool can repair errors and extracts multiple information like audio, pictures, videos etc. and all its file formats such as (JPEG, MPEG, TIF, AIF, MOV, MP4 and 3GP etc.)
  • This software is designed with advanced inbuilt option “Find tool” which identifies archived files on basis of their name, creation date, modification date, and size, file extensions (.zip or .zipx)
  • Highly encrypted or password protected ZIP file can be easily repaired and restored to its desired location.
  • If any ZIP files stored in bad sectors, then also it can repair and retrieve from those bad sectors in compressed way.
  • Once repair process overs, it creates new healthy archive where entire repaired data will be stored in it.
  • In addition, you can employ this repair tool on any storage device like external HDD, pen drive, flash drive, USB drive etc.
  • This application is capable to repair files on all versions of Windows OS such as (Windows 2008, 2007, Vista, XP, 2003 etc.) To know more information about ZIP file repair tool visit here: