Find an Easy Solution to Recover Erased Open Office Files

Apache Open Office commonly known as Open Office is a product and as well as open source project contains word processor, presentation software, formula editor software, spreadsheet software, drawing software and DB management software. This product is same like Microsoft Office and used in various industries due to its open source advantage. Like other files, these Open Office files are prone to data loss in numerous ways,

Some Reasons for File Deletion in Open Office:

Accidental Deletion: Accidental deletion is one of the frequent reasons for deletion on Open Office files. While deleting some unwanted files stored on your PCs/laptop, you may delete your Open Office files accidentally and later you emptied Recycle Bin to free space occupied by them. As a result of this, your Open Office file deleted permanently from your PCs/laptop.

Deletion by Shift+ Delete operation: Most of the times, unwanted files are cleared using “Shift + Delete” option which erase your files permanently. In this circumstance, deleting important files instead of unwanted file unintentionally using this option can cause deletion to your important Open Office files.

Deletion of Big Folder: You might store your Open Office files in various folders, in certain instances you may need to delete some big folders on your PCs/laptop to free up partition space for further usage. Hence, deletion of big folder can delete your files if your stored Open Office files inside the big folder.

Third Party Tool: Some reliable third party tool like Antivirus software can cause deletion of your Open Office files, if these valuable files are infected from virus/malware programs.

Have you lost your Open Office files due to above scenarios? If yes, consider a better and award winning tool like Office File Recovery. It can effortlessly recover deleted Open Office files in short span of time.


Highlighted Features of Office File Recovery:

  • This tool recovers various Open Office files formats such as ODT, ODS, ODP, and other Office files format such as DOC, PPT, RTF, PPTX, XLS, WPD etc.
  • Apart from Open Office files, you can also recover popular Office software like Microsoft Office and Star Office files easily with the help of this software.
  • This software can recover erased Open Office files on any windows operating system such as Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista, 2003 etc.
  • By using this tool you can recover deleted open office files without any kind of complexity.
  • You can perform Open Office deleted file recovery also on Mac operating system in efficient manner.
  • It provides Both File Type view and Data View to list the recovered files. Using this option you can customize you view on recovered files
  • This is read only software and it will recover erased Open Office files without making any modifications to the original file.
  • Using preview option provided in demo version of Office file Recovery, you can preview your file prior to restoration.

 Points to Remember:

  • While deleting files from your system, select “Delete” option instead of “Shift+ Delete” option, because you can restore important files incase if you find it in recycle bin folder.
  • Keep backup of important Open Office files in other storage devices