Extra defense against Microsoft email client failure

I do a great deal of technical writing and as such hard have added to my Microsoft Word dictionary thousands of special terms that the untrained version of Microsoft Word will not recognize. This same unique language is used in my e-mail correspondence. If I should have to reload the Microsoft Outlook client I use, that dictionary would be lost and the simple task of writing e-mail would be considerably more difficult. This is just one of the reasons that I regularly use Remo Software’s Outlook backup program.

This powerful program to backup Outlook files not only migrates my incoming and outgoing messages, it also safely stores the files containing my customized options and settings. These settings are extremely important because they hold company letterheads attached to every message along with logos and very often digitally created signatures. I wouldn’t want to lose these and have to remake all of that information. This is why I use the Remo Software Outlook backup program. I even have the program set on a once a day automated backup so that my data is protected even if I am not at my desk.