Damaged outlook can be repaired by repairing its corrupted PST fiels

Email is one of the fastest means of communication. Emails are used worldwide to remain in contact with the peoples. Likewise this is also used for work in different fields. Looking all these communicating system and the users need and expectation Microsoft launched Outlook with many facilities and features although this was first to launch in 2000, still it got many features.

Outlook gives the user a platform to work in offline mode and online as well and later the offline data can be converted to online data. This offline working have to be introduced because sometime the server are busy and willingly also they cannot work properly. The first version of the Outlook is 2000 with 2 GB PST size which was so less to work with and often the files face the situation where the attributes increases the size of PST which crashes the Outlook.

The concept behind the Outlook launch was to supply the user the same environment as they are working online because most of the times the server are busy and in slow responding state. Most of us are unknown by the data containing process behind the Outlook. Likewise there are some scenarios which stop our Outlook from working let us have a look over those scenarios which corrupts our Outlook.

  • Oversize of PST cause corruption most of the time (Limit of PST varies with the version of Outlook).
  • Virus attack to the systems sometimes corrupts the PST skipping from user’s knowledge.
  • Converting your PST files for portability like compressing it, zipping etc.
  • Software glitches cause the PST files corruptions.
  • Improper shut down of Outlook applications cause PST corruption.

Precautions which are meant to be follow to abstain from PST files corruption and from data loss as well.

  • Power supplies should be checked in order to abstain from improper shut down of a system.
  • Updated antivirus should be installed in order to face the virus attack and get rid of it.
  • After the works complete close the application properly.
  • Upgrading of PST can also cause error so better to use the appropriate tools.