How to Recover Photos From Android?

android-photo-recoveryPhoto loss scenario in android device is common due to various reasons. You may lose your precious photos sometimes and try to get back it, but you will be failed. In such situation don’t go for a second thought of losing your pictures permanently.

Recovery tool will hold your hand in such scenarios and successfully retrieves photos from android.

What are the scenarios behind the photo loss or photo deletion from android device?

  • Scenario 1: Knowingly or unknowingly deleting the photos is the major human mistakes which results in the enormous amount of photos to be lost.
  • Scenario 2:  Formatting the android device unintentionally leads to the permanent deletion of photos.
  • Scenario 3: Virus/Malware attack may spread rapidly all over the device, they may either corrupt the photos or sometimes photos might get deleted.
  • Scenario 4: While transferring photos from phone memory card to System or vice-versa, an abrupt shutdown in the system may cause the photos to lose.
  • Scenario 5:  Improper cut and paste method will also results in the deletion of photos.
  • Scenario 6: Capturing a picture while battery is low, sometimes a picture may not be saved.

In any of the above scenario, if you have lost pictures: do not worry!!! And don’t spare a second thought; how to recover photos from android?

 Photo recovery from android can be achieved easily by using external recovery toolkit which scans the entire android drive indeed and helps to retrieve photos from android device in a few simple steps without any level of difficulty.

How to recover photos from android?

Photo recovery from the android device is quite simple, just follow the below procedure to retrieve the images.

  • Download and install android photo recovery software on your operating system.
  • Later, connect the android device from where you wanted to recover photos and the application.
  • Select the Recover Photos option from the main screen window.
  • Choose either Recover Deleted Photos or Recover Lost Photos option from the next screen window based on the image loss situation from your android device.
  • Select the android drive from the list of drives and proceed further with Next
  • Scanning process to recover photos from android will be initiated; after successful completion of the scan, you can preview the restored images.
  • Purchase the software to save all retrieved pictures on the desired location.

Key features of Photo recovery software:

  • This software easily helps to recover the deleted pictures/lost pictures from the android device easily.
  • This software easily retrieve deleted/lost photos from USB Flash drives, DSLR Camera, iPods etc.
  • The photos which get deleted from SD card, memory card, CF, XD card, SDHC card etc. can also be recovered efficiently.
  • Various media formats like MP3, MIDI, and MP4 etc. can be recovered without any issues.
  • Various picture formats like GIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG etc. can be retrieved without hassle.

Be aware!!!!!!

  • Secure your android device against the harmful virus by using effective anti-virus application.
  • Unnecessary do not format the android device or the memory card.
  • Aware of cut-paste method.

Software to Recover Lost or Deleted Photos from SD Card, USB, HDD

Just imagine that you have lost or unknowingly deleted your wedding photos which are most memorable moment’s images of your life from your computer. It is not at all easy to imaging such a horrible situation isn’t it? If this thing happens in reality, then it could be more painful than anything else.

Usually we save our important pictures on various storage devices including memory cards, computer hard drives, external hard disks, flash drives, and many more. We feel that our favorite photos saved in our storage devices are very safe and secure. However, many a times, even in spite of lots of precautions taken, also proves to be in vain when our memorable photos get lost or missing from the storage location in various circumstances.

Now let us know few common scenarios that cause loss or deletion of pictures from saved location:

Accidental Deletion: One of the most common reason behind loss of photos is accidental deletion. At times, while previewing photos from our digital camera, we may accidentally press Delete All option, which erases entire images within fraction of seconds. Or else, while deleting unwanted photos, we may accidentally erase few important photos along with useless images.

Unintentional Formatting: Formatting is the easier way to clear all the contents of any drive. Therefore, if formatting happens accidentally on the drive containing our valuable pictures, then all our photos will be lost. Sometimes, we may accidentally format our hard drive, USB flash drive, memory card, etc when connected to our computer instead of formatting other drive.

Image Transfer Interruption: At times, while transferring pictures from our removable storage devices such as memory cards, external hard drives, flash drives, pen drives, etc to our computer or vice versa, pulling out storage device from the system abruptly, sudden power outages, etc can lead to deletion of few images from our storage drives.

Other Reasons: Some of the other factors behind loss or deletion of images are file system corruption, deletion by third party tools, faulty firmware of our cameras, capturing images in low battery state, virus or malware attack on storage drive containing pictures, etc.

If you come across any of the above mentioned photo loss scenarios, then immediately stop using your storage devices in order to avoid overwriting of new pictures on the lost or deleted images on your devices. Then, before storing any new photos on your storage drive from where you have lost your pictures, implement Advanced Photo Recovery software and easily recover photos that you have deleted or lost in few simple steps. This software has been designed and developed using advanced scanning engines, which helps out in recovering all types of images such as JPG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, CRW, NEF, CR2, ARW, RAW, PSD, PNG, DNG, SR2, ORF, X3F, RAF, MRW, and many more with great ease. One can try test the capability of this Advanced Photo Recovery software by downloading and executing free trial version of the tool.

Salient Features of Advanced Photo Recovery software:

The demo version of the software, after finishing scanning process, allows you to create entire images recovery session by providing an advanced feature called “Save Recovery Session”. Therefore, after you purchase the licensed version of this software, you do not have to waste your precious time by rescanning your storage drive again for recovering your images; instead “Open Recovery Session” feature helps you in resuming saved recovery session, which you saved in demo version earlier. It supports photo recovery from hard disk drives, USB drives, SD cards, xD cards, MMC cards, CF cards, and many more storage devices with utmost ease.

How to Recover Photos from MMC (Multimedia Card)?

Multimedia card or MMC is a type of memory card based on flash memory technology. It is widely used on digital cameras, iPods, PDAs, mobile phones and on many other electronic gadgets. Which can permanently save any type of data such as photos, audio/ video files, text files etc. Today there are various model of multimedia cards are available on market such as MMCplus, MMCmicro/MMCmobile etc, each with varying in size, compatibility and storage capacity. These MMCs are generally used on digital cameras to store photos and videos. Hence deletion of pictures are very common for most of the digital camera users.

Sometimes, while viewing photos on digital camera you have accidentally pressed on delete all option, as a result all precious pictures may get deleted from multimedia card. In fact, you have tried to keep memorable pictures safe and secure but then also photos may get deleted, lost or inaccessible on MMC due to several reasons such as virus attack, improper photo transfer, accidental formatted card and other factor. If you don’t have any back up copy of such deleted pictures then you might be get worried thinking of the valuable photos has been deleted permanently. But don’t worry, because still there is a chance to recover pictures from multimedia card.

Digital Picture Recovery is a reliable tool to perform MMC photo recovery, which can instantly retrieve all deleted or lost pictures in an effective manner. With the assistance of this tool, user can effectively perform MMC image recovery on different brands of multimedia card such as Transcend, Kingston, HP, SanDisk etc. Along with MMC photo recovery user can also perform this tool to recover deleted videos, songs, word files, text files etc from multimedia card.

Some common scenarios when photos may get deleted, lost or inaccessible on MMC:

  • If multimedia card has been connected to virus infected computer then viruses may get into MMC, which can make it inaccessible due to which you will not be able to access any of the photos or other data from it.
  • Sometimes, user can accidentally format the multimedia card instead of formatting local drives or other removable storage media. As a result photos including all other data may get lost from MMC that cannot be retrieved without using third party software.
  • While moving photos from MMC to computer memory if it get interrupted then you might lose images from source and destination as well.
  • Scanning for viruses on multimedia card can delete photos or other files if antivirus is enabled with auto delete option. Sometimes it may pop up with delete viruses and ignore option, if you clicked on delete option then also pictures may get deleted from MMC.

Prominent attributes of Digital Picture Recovery: It is read only tool, which ensures safe and secure to perform MMC photo recovery on Windows as well as Mac computer. This tool is built with extremely quick scanning algorithm, so that the user can restore pictures from multimedia card within few span of time. It is the most reliable tool to perform MMC photo recovery after it has been inaccessible or formatted due to virus attack, format error, corruption, bad sector and other unexpected factors.

By utilizing this utility, you will be able to recover images from multimedia card even it gets formatted or re-formatted. This tool is highly capable of recovering generic as well as RAW image formats such as JPG, GIF, BMP, NEF, ORF, MRW, X3E and many others. So that any type of photos can be easily recovered with this incredible and effective tool. Additionally, this tool can also be utilized to recover compressed files from multimedia card.

Most Valuable Tool to Recover Pictures

Do you have lost pictures from storage card on camera or mobiles? If yes, and seeking the retrieval; product to obtain back lost images from your memory card on all devices. Stop thinking, applying this digital picture recovery software it is possible to restore lost pictures from different storage devices.

There are numerous other reasons with the result that you can lose pictures due to accidental formatting, file system corruption and much more. After the loss in pictures from storage devices, still you might have chances to obtain them back. If you format the storage devices then this only change the information from the file table, result in the picture files invisible and shows free space to hold new data. The majority of the users have misconception that after you lost images then it’s extremely hard to get it back. But, within this generation there’s nothing impossible. It is possible to recover lost or erased pictures from all of the storage devices in few basic steps. This qualified tool even offers ability to restore image files from various cell phones like Samsung, Sony, Nokia and many more. To get more detail the way to recover picture files from cell phones, visit this site The picture files might be lose as a result of some following discussed scenarios

Suppose you might have memory card within your mobile device and store plenty of pictures. While previewing picture files for the mobile phone and also you made mistakes to format memory card by pressing format option. It may result the loss of photos files completely. You need to use SD card in a variety of devices like camera, cell phone and in computers using the memory card reader. In the event you connect storage card to any virus infected devices then a virus may get into the storage card and modify the file system of SD card. It may result in the inaccessibility of existing files and result in the loss of a large amount of picture files. You may even transfer pictures from SD card to your PC. While transferring in case you come across any interruption like power failure, system reboot and others then it could be the reason for decrease of picture files.

In order to avoid all the above stated scenarios, maintain the proper support of vital picture files into another storage devices, to ensure that later it is possible to take the copy of lost files. In case you are fails to make back up then don’t be worried. With the aid of this professional app, is definitely the reason that you’ll be able to restore lost image files. This tool also has capability to restore lost pictures from your memory card around the various brands video cameras like Nikon, Panasonic, Sony, etc. This app plays the function in recover photos from Canon digital camera on various Windows OS like Windows 7, 8, XP, etc. and Mac OS like Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and more. The most professional application can restore greater than 300 various kinds of files on your own finger tips. It is definitely easy to use and recover their list of multiple files based on unique address, name, size, extension and so on.

Top Guidelines to Recover Photos from Mac Based PC

Today, Macintosh Operating system has become popular due to its fantastic features. It has same features as Windows Operating System. You can store important files like images, audio, videos, etc. on Mac computer and can use such files whenever required.  Even though it is very popular OS, there are many reasons liable for loss or deletion of photos stored on Mac computer. You can restore your lost or deleted image files by using backup files stored on any of storage devices. In case, you do not have backup of photos then it is quite difficult to recover them.

Consider a scenario, in which you have captured images by using digital camera on the event of your child’s birthday and stored captured images on Mac based computer. After few days, you found that you have lost these photos and you do not have back up of such images. In such case, you may get fret and begin to search for right software in market. There are plenty of tools available in market for recovery of pictures but not all are trusted. By using photos recovery application, one can easily restore lost or deleted images on Mac based computer. This program is proficient to recover pictures deleted or lost from any kind of data loss situations.

Let us discuss some factors resulting in deletion or loss of images on Mac based PC:

  • Accidental deletion of photos: In some cases, you may delete some useless files from Mac based system by using Command + Delete button. While doing so, you may not notice that you have selected pictures stored on the same volume by using “select all” option. This may result in complete deletion of images from Mac PC.
  • Formatting of Mac volume: Sometimes, while working on Mac computer, you may get an error message like “the volume need to be formatted, do you want to format it now?” If you select the option, then you will lose your entire data stored on that particular Mac volume.
  • Improper ejection of memory card during the transfer of photos: While copying images from memory card to computer via card reader, you may be in hurry and eject the memory card in between the image transfer process. This may lead to loss of essential pictures.

In all the above described situations, use this universal binary application to recover pictures lost or deleted from Mac computer. This hassle free approach is widely used by universal users to restore their lost images in less period of time. It supports picture recovery on Mac volumes like HFSX, HFS+ and HFS. By making use of this substantial utility, it is very easy to restore pictures captured from digicam of various manufacturing brands like Fujifilm, Canon, Casio, Minolta, etc. In order to have more details about picture recovery on Mac computer follow this link:

This eminent program is able to support photos of different file formats like JPEG, JPG, TIFF, TIF, PNG, etc. with ease. It has the capacity to support Mac OS of all versions including Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, etc. By making use of this software, you can preview recovered photos before storing on Mac based system. It instantly scans the volumes to recover lost photos on Mac OS.

Undelete photos from iPhoto Mac

Have you accidentally deleted or lost all your important photos from iPhoto library on your Mac system and looking for a tool to recover all valuable photos back? Then make use of Mac iPhoto recovery application. This application is specially designed by recovery experts to restore photos from iPhoto library. There are many reasons behind your photo deletion so once the momentous photos of your past life are deleted or lost then it’s really a heart breaking issue for you. In order to restore such precious photos this software is mandatory. There are some common reasons to lose photos from iPhoto library which are discussed below, so go through them.

Frequent reasons to lose photos from iPhoto Mac:

  • Accidental deletion: Sometimes you wish to delete some not needed files so you may choose the files using select all option and then delete. After deletion if you realize that still important photo files were there. Similarly you might accidentally select wrong file instead of desired one or Delete All option might be chosen to end up with all valuable photo loss situation.
  • Deletion of photos from external storage devices: Sometimes important photos can be deleted from external storage device like your digital camera memory cards. While previewing you may accidentally delete important picture files. In this situation you need to make use of this software on Mac OS to recover deleted photos.
  • Few More factors: iPhoto library corruption, synchronization errors, incomplete file transfer, formatting the volume on which photos are stored, inaccessibility of files due to some external factors etc. can also make you to lose photos from Mac iPhoto library.

Once you come across above mentioned scenarios then follow some preventive steps:

  • Stop overwriting of the deleted photo files.
  • Use this software as soon as possible.
  • Install this Mac iPhoto recovery app on healthier volume.

You can trustfully exploit Mac iPhoto recovery software to get back deleted or lost photos from iPhoto library to recover deleted or lost pictures on all Mac computers having OS X Lion, Snow Leopard and Leopard etc. It supports recovery of photos having any image file format as well as all media files like songs, videos etc. This software is basically developed with excellent features to achieve recovery of photos from corrupt, inaccessible iPhoto library. It scans every bit of data and then detects the deleted or lost files and then restores them with great ease.

This the best trustworthy recovery tool to recover lost, deleted digital cameras photo, audios & videos from HFS+, HFSX, FAT16, FAT32 formatted volumes or drives.  This tool supports digital photo recovery from external hard drives, iPods or various brands, SD cards and memory sticks. You can also perform digital RAW photo recovery from all available DSLR brands like Sony, canon, Minolta, Kodak, Hasselblad and Olympus and Nikon. So using this efficient application you can overcome any type of data loss from iPhoto library and other external data storage devices.

Software to Retrieve Images

Reviewing of the image files after you have taken them is one of the most joyful things of the digital photography. Images are the best way to capture memories. In these days everyone prefers digital cameras that can photographs on an electronic image sensor. Using this digital camera you can view digital photos as soon as you capture it. These digital cameras are integrated into many devices ranging from PDAs and mobile phones. Sometimes the image files stored on the system hard drive or from the other storage devices may get lost or deleted due to accidental formatting process, accidental deletion, sudden system shut down, power failure, file system corruption, etc.

Now to explain the loss of image files let us consider one of the scenario like you have some of the most important image files of wedding anniversary on your digital memory card. Now you want to store all those files on to your system hard drive. You connect the memory card through reader to your system and start processing. During this process suddenly there was a power failure and your system gets switched off abruptly by closing all the running applications. When you restart the system you find that the image files which you want to transfer to your system has become inaccessible.  As a result you have lost your image files stored on the memory card.

Some of the common reasons for loss of image files

  • Inadvertent deletion of images: While deleting some of the unwanted images from the memory card you may accidentally delete some important images using shift deleted key combination or command delete key combination which will bypass the Recycle bin resulting loss of images stored on the particular device.
  • Erasing images when memory card is connected to the system: Sometimes you may have deleted the wrong image by mistake from memory card of the mobile phone while it is connected to the system. If you think of recovering those images back from the Recycle Bin it is not possible because when images are erased from the memory card on the system then they do not get redirected to the Recycle Bin instead they bypass the Recycle Bin resulting in huge data loss.
  • Abrupt removing the memory card: Always you should wait for the read or write process to get complete before removing memory card from your digital camera. If you accidentally remove memory card when your camera is turned on then you may end up in loss of image files stored on it.

No need to be bothered about lost image files because Image Recovery Software helps to retrieve images from any kind of image file format from any storage devices. This utility also performs lost image recovery from CF card, SD card, mini SD card, MMC, UFS, XD card, etc. Just go through this site to restore your images files.

 Some of the salient features of this software

  • This utility is capable of recovering deleted, lost or erased media files like photos, videos, audios and other files from your memory chip within few minutes.
  • It has the ability to sort images according to their file types and hence saves time.
  • Specific files can be restored by providing their unique signature.
  • You can run this application on all latest versions of Windows OS and effectively supports to rescue images from Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Panther, etc.

In order to check the ability of this utility you can download the trial version of the software. Then if you are satisfied with its results you can buy the software to save your restored files.

Rescue Lost Photos

Photos are of great importance to as they bring out memories of our past into reality. Nowadays pictures are taken from almost all gadgets varying from cell phones to cameras, iPods and many more devices. In today’s world many people tend to use these SD cards as they have great storage capacity and also they support most of the file types. Sometimes as a result of corrupt memory card the images present in it are lost, also if more than one person uses the device the pictures get lost as we accidentally press the wrong buttons while previewing them in our gadget. Need not worry as there is a photo recovery tool built in with the advanced features and simple user interface to recover lost pictures from your SD card with much ease.

Photos are lost as a result of:

Virus Infection:  While uploading the images across the internet, or while using the virus infected systems for transferring the photos our memory card gets attacked by the virus and hence all the photos present in the SD card are lost.

Power Surge:  Taking pictures while the camera is low on battery or using the device during frequent power cuts may lead to loss of pictures present in it.

Improper Handling:  Removing the device from which the pictures are being transferred to the system or vice versa may lead to corruption of those files. Hence proper care must be taken and the device need not be removed abruptly which may cause valuable data loss.

Unintentional Formatting:

The photo recovery tool is built in with intelligent scanning mechanism which scans the entire drive and recovers lost photos from the device within a short span of time. It has support for most popular versions of Windows operating system ranging from Windows Server 2003 to Windows 7. Recovery of lost raw images can also be done with the help of this utility which uses advanced built in algorithms to support wide range of professional cameras which mainly use SD cards. Multiple file formats of the images such as the JPG, JPEG, and TIFF etc are easily recovered. There are many options provided in this tool and one of them is that the photos can be saved in Zip format, thereby reducing the disk space used.  The special feature of this tool is that the files which are recovered are allowed to be previewed before they can be recovered. After previewing the images recovered from the SD card we can save the recovery session so as to carry out the scanning process at a later stage. It has a simple user interface to recover which easily allows you to recover lost photos from camera without any difficulty. Images recovered after scanning can be previewed before they can be restored back. This tool comes with a trial version hence you can save the recovery process and proceed with it later by activating the trial version.

All the images that are present in your camera or other devices can be stored in your computer.  These pictures that are present in the system can be accessed as and when required. Sometimes as a result of accidental faults or due to some other reasons the files that are saved in the system get lost leading to loss of valuable data. There is no need to get upset! Just get into this link and know how to recover them.

How to recover deleted pictures?

Have you lost your vital pictures due to accidently applying Shift+delete? In addition, you are looking for a picture recovery tool in order to recover deleted pictures back. Here you can find best solution to your entire problem related to pictures recover after deleting it accidentally. The user deletes the file accidentally from system when user encounters useless pictures while browsing drive location and makes a decision to remove all from the system. The user might delete some vital while removing useless photos from system as it happens resulting in the loss of pictures loss. When you trapped in such a situation then there is no need to sense that you are alone in this world who are suffering from this problem, if you roam around then you can find many one trying to overcome from the same. There are several issues, which may lead to loss of photos including accidental formatting, accidental deletion, partition conversion, virus infection, improper removal, head crashes, logical errors, power fluctuations, firmware corruption, third party application and so on. Facing any one may lead to loss vital pictures.

If your are the one who have lost vital pictures due to any of above mention reasons then it is possible to recover them back with ease. In such a severe situation, you can make use of Pictures Recovery tool in order to recover deleted pictures back. With the help of this tool you can recover more than 300 file formats on both Windows and Mac OS. It is read only application and you can make use of this tool in order to restore JPG, , BMP, PNG and other photo files from USB drives. In addition, you can employ this tool to retrieve lost pictures from various storage drives such as flash drive, hard drive and with the help of this tool; you can recover camera pictures too. Preview can be available just before the recovery, which helps you to judge its capability towards retrieval to lost pictures.

Thus by considering some salient features of this tool, we can say that this tool has proficient to recover lost pictures in any severe damaged. In the event you have lost your vital pictures and looking, forward to revive them back then you can make use of this tool and effectively recover lost pictures. You can get more information about this tool from our website. If you feel the need of this recovery tool in your life then you can download demo version of this from our website. Through download version, you can estimate its capability regarding to pictures recovery.

In order to recover pictures successfully from deleted location there are some precautionary measures need to follow. Such as if you get deleted some of your vital photos then it is recommended to stop usage of system further. It is because when you make use of system then there decreases the chances of retrieval of pictures because here is a probability of overwriting data location from where the pictures is lost. As the data location is overwritten, you cannot recover pictures by making use of recovery tool.

How to Restore Deleted Photos from Android Smartphones?

In today’s world, every third person owns an Android Smartphones. They have increased popularity because of the highly advanced features like high quality camera, OS, easy internet accessibility, etc. You can efficiently take pictures, store them on the external storage medium i.e. memory device & even share them through the same place. You don’t require some other device to do these three operations. But with all ease, there are numerous situations where you might lose your precious pictures. Let’s see some of the most common deletion scenarios which you may face –
1. Mistaken Deletion – Human mistakes will be the most frequent reasons that cause data loss on the device. From Android phones too, you may accidentally remove some of your most precious pictures through accidental deletion. Suppose you are removing some unwanted photos from the storage device of one’s Android phone. While you were deciding on the pictures, you accidentally selected the photos which you liked the most. You might even mistakenly select the “Delete All” option that’s present about the SD card along with other options like Rename & Eject.
2. Deletion without the user’s knowledge – Suppose you’ve connected your Android phone to a system to transfer some pictures. But rather than transferring the files you accidentally deleted them. Once you attempted to search the deleted pictures inside your Recycle Bin, you didn’t see them. This is because whenever a file is taken off from an external device even by using only the “Delete” option, the files are erased completely. They don’t reside in the Trash, such as the files deleted through the internal drive. So that you can rescue erased images from Recycle Bin, utilize Deleted Photo Recovery tool.
3. Deletion through formatting in the memory – Since the Format choice is readily available to each Android user, there is a possibility they might press it unintentionally. This will likely create a huge loss of data as formatting removes each & every data present around the drive that is being formatted.
After understanding the deletion scenarios, there’s a chance you’re believing that how you may keep your precious photos from being deleted from the Android phone. The first thing that you should do is stop using your storage device & maintain it aside. If you continue using the card of your Android phone, the deleted pictures might get overwritten by new photos. Once the files are overwritten by a few others, it will become hard for any recovery software to revive them.
It is the perfect deleted photo recovery utility available in the market. It is often reviewed by various skilled professionals due to the top quality results. The software has powerful & advanced scanning algorithms that helps in effective & fast retrieval of erased pictures from Android Smartphones. It is capable of restoring over 300 varieties of file formats including pictures, videos, audio files, documents, exe files, compressed / zipped files, etc. To prevent the additional time & space occupied by unnecessary files from being restored & saved on the hard disk drive, the tool provides “Signature Search” option. If you wish to restore only picture file, then pick the desired image formats & carry out the recovery. If the extension you are looking for in not listed in the tool then you can definitely utilize the “Add / Edit Signature” option to include it in the list.
Another unique feature is “Save Recovery Session”, allowing the user to save the actual scanning progress & run it whenever required, to save the restored files. This approach avoids rescanning from the entire hard drive if the full version of the tool is purchased.

These features make all the erased photo recovery from Android phones, easy & faster. Also, the deleted picture recovery tool is available as a free demo version that can be downloaded & utilized for recovery. While using the Preview option, it’s possible to evaluate the performance of the software, by sorting out the results. If the user is satisfied together with the performance & found what they were looking for, the registered version can be bought to avoid rescanning & the restored files can be saved to a desired destination accessible to the host operating-system. Make certain that the destination drive should be different from the drive you are retrieving the pictures.