How to Recover Deleted Photos from Lexar Memory Card?

Memory Card is an excellent long-lasting durable storage device which store files according to availability of storage space. As we know that Lexar memory card is one of the multinational branded memory cards especially used to store media files such as audio, video and pictures in a safe way.

Just imagine, you have captured beautiful and memorable photos of your life using Lexar memory card, you are very excited to view those photos on computer and you try to access that memory card on your system, but you find no more photos are available and all photos have been deleted. It seems to be heart breaking moment for you and might spare a second thought is there any way to recover deleted photos from your Lexar memory card? Yes of course!  Here is a third party recovery tool which helps you to get back your deleted photos from memory card without formatting it.

What are the probable ways to lose the photos from Lexar memory card?

  • Accidental deletion of files from Lexar memory card will makes you to lose photos from it. You should be careful before hitting the delete buttonit_photo_191077
  • When memory card is connected to infected system or device then there are chances for corruption of pictures.
  • When user unintentionally press format button then they lose enormous amount of photos from Lexar memory card
  • Other factors responsible for deletion of pictures from Lexar memory card are sudden interruption, power fluctuation, bad sectors, etc.
  • The memory card may get damaged and lose all your photos. If you not handle Lexar memory card from electronic devices properly.
  • Other factors which are responsible for deletion of pictures from Lexar memory card are sudden interruption, power fluctuation, bad sectors, etc.

What is the procedure to be followed up to rollback the deleted photos from memory card?

  • Download software and install it on your windows desktop and run the application.
  • Next select the Recover Photos option from main screen. The main window will display two options: “Recover Deleted Photos” and “Recover Lost Photos”. Later select the “Recover Deleted Photos” option.
  • Select the particular drive from which you want to recover photos.
  • Scanning process will be initiated; once scan is completed Recovered  photos will be displayed in a list.
  • On purchasing the software, you can save all your restored photos back.

Points to be noted:

  • This software is platform independent, can be launched on Windows and Mac system to recover deleted photos from Lexar card in an effective manner.
  • Apart from photos, you are able to recover audio, video and some other media files without any issues.
  • The software allow user to recover photos from different file system such as NTFS, EXFAT, HFS, HFSX and FAT.
  • This software enables you to recover complete photos in a simple way without facing any issues.

Guidelines to Recover Pictures from Memory Stick

In this trendy generation most of the people use digital camera to capture every moments of the life. But, these digital cameras use memory card to store different types of images (JPEG, GIF, TIFF) with excellent quality and high resolution. Memory card are available in market with different capacity to store large amount of image files. The main disadvantages of this memory card are highly prone to corrupt because of virus infection, improper usage, etc. What if you lose crucial image files from memory card? Are you finding the best solution to recover lost picture files from memory card? If your respond is yes then stop behaving strange. By using digital picture recovery software you can restore photos from memory stick.

To avoid memory card corruption you can use the following precautions:

When your memory card is giving frequent error message like failure to detect, memory is full even it has lots of free memory, etc. if you connect to your computer then make sure that you get a new memory card for yourself.

Do not remove memory card abruptly from digital cameras

Always take a backup of your crucial picture files; later if you face any situation then you can get it from back up.

Some common scenarios for loss of image files

  • Virus infection: This is most common scenarios when you copy any files from virus infected PC’s to memory card then all images are stored in memory stick will get infected due to which you may require to format your memory stick. It will leads to huge amount of picture loss scenario.
  • Improper termination: In this situation when you are transferring image files from memory stick to your system hard drive or vice versa, if the transfer process gets interrupted due to power failure, system reboot, etc. then there are chances to corruption of memory card.
  • File system corruption: Sometimes when you remove connected memory card abruptly without ejecting process from PC then it may lead to the corruption of file system and lose image files accessibility.

Despite taking precaution, still if you face any photos loss scenario then make use of this powerful utility to recover lost or deleted picture files from different types of Mac OS like Mac OS X Tiger, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, etc. and Windows OS such as Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, etc. Along with this application you can also recover deleted pictures from Android machines. Visit this page to grasp the complete information how to recover deleted images from Android mobile phones Apart from different image file format, this top rated software also has ability to recover audio file (MP3, AVI, WAV), video files (MPEG, 3GP, MP4), Word files, PowerPoint and so forth. It is design with most advance algorithm using which you can retrieve deleted picture files from various other storage devices for example hard disk, thumb drive, pen drive and so on. It can recover images of 50 different formats with few mouse clicks. This app is easy to use and user doesn’t require any technical knowledge to perform recovery operation.

Recover photos lost after quick format

Memory cards will be the mass storage devices for sale in different formats to save usually media files inside. Memory cards will be the storage devices which uses flash memory to save data and includes various types like Secure Digital (SD), Compact Flash (CF), Multimedia card (MMC), xD Picture card, etc. that are most generally observed in various electronic devices to save its data.

Assume that you used Micro Facts on your own camcorder to capture several photos on some occasion. After capturing the photos you wanted to upload all of the photos on some social networking like Face book. So, you connected the memory card on the system. But while copying those files, the file transfer process was interrupted because of some actions carried out in the machine. And so the sd card suddenly crashed leading to deletion of all the photos present about it. If it is your case, then question arises whether your entire lost photos could be recovered you aren’t? By all means the lost photos from your corrupt storage device can be simply restored if your memory card details are not overwritten i.e. if no new info is been stored about it after crash. This storage device image recovery software enable you to restore memory card formatted data like photo files efficiently from flash memory cards. There are several forms of situations in which you lose photos from memory cards. Most popular included in this are –

  • Accidental deletion: While viewing each of the captured photos on your camera in the event you accidentally select delete all option then each of the photos out of your camera’s memory will likely be deleted.
  • Deleting photos of storage device on computer system: Should you be deleting any photos from a sd card when it’s coupled to the system, then your deleted photos won’t be delivered to Trash can or Trash and therefore in case you delete any important photo collection then you certainly cannot restore back.
  • File transfer: While transferring photos from sd card to the system hard disk drive as well as to other storage devices there ought to be complete connectivity forwards and backwards devices. Otherwise the photos which might be being transferred might become corrupt and therefore it can be lost.
  • Memory card format: While accessing any photos from memory card on system if you accidentally format the storage device then all the data on it including photos is going to be erased from memory. Thus resulting in severe loss of data.

The photo recovery can be utilized in most such above mentioned scenarios to extract images from memory card. There are numerous more data loss situations by which each of the precious data is going to be lost. And also this recover program enables photo recovery after quick format on memory cards and other media files storage devices. The software program has supportive features that assist to retrieve photos, they are –

  • Recovers all photo formats like JPG, JPEG, TIF, CR2, ARW, PNG, MRW, BNP, GIF, RAW, etc.
  • Retrieves all the lost media files from different memory cards for example SDHC, CF cards, flash memory cards, USB drives, etc
  • Restores every one of the data from corrupt or damaged memory cards.
  • Easily recovers all data from formatted or re-formatted memory cards.

The software can be utilized to recover data from various brands of memory cards like Fujifilm, San Disk, Samsung, Olympus, Lexar, Canon, HP, PNY, etc.

Rescue Erased files from Memory Card

One of the last things that any user of memory card like Transcend memory card wishes to happen is data loss. Although files over memory card stored in safe and secured way sometime its contents get missing due to variety of reasons. When such an instant occur common practice is to move on i.e. leave the case as it is and think that it was in their fate to lose such crucial data. But, actually files which were missing can be reclaimed since when any file is erased only its detail is wiped out from file system. Speaking in simple words the guiding path to saved location is wiped out. After erasing is done file system of memory card sends message to operating system that space is free for saving any new file. So, actually files which are erased keep sustaining at the saved location of storage device as long as its space is allocated to any other new file. Therefore, if any of you have lost files from memory card, then you can reclaim them by making use of Recover Memory Card Software. This memory card recovery utility provides each of the unapproachable or deleted files in the same format as it was prior to disastrous event.

Files over memory card like Transcend memory card gets missing due to unintentional deletion. Let’s assume one of the circumstances which persuades into such kind of data loss. Suppose that you have number of files over your memory card of your phone, which you wish to change. Therefore, in order to do so, you attached it to your system and made changes. After preforming modification in the content of memory card you reinserted it into your phone to view them, but to your astonishment you got some of your beloved songs were missing, so what actually has happened to them? While deleting junk files some of the essential files were also selected and deleted simultaneously.  Since mentioned in first paragraph each of them remains at memory card and all you need to follow some simple steps over system to perform transcend memory card recovery to them. In similar circumstance some memory card users erase there content from memory card thinking that it can be restored from Recycle Bin, but in reality no deleted files from peripheral storage drive gets moved to Bin folder, thus ensuring permanent eradication of data.

There are different other situation where this application proof handy such as accidental format, deletion of desired data due to use of some third party utility, corruption of card, file system corruption, improper ejection, deletion while previewing and many more. Each of the aforesaid situations can be sorted in an optimal way only if some issues are taken care of. One of the basic things is that use of memory card must be stopped immediately after any loss of data occurs. This need to be done so that no overwriting of files occurs since once any files are overwritten then it can’t be reassessed by use of any recoup utility. Activities like formatting or reformatting of memory card must not be done. Apart these things some time users either download or install recoup utility over card; this must also be not done for the same very reason.

Different files formats such as jpeg, jpg, gif, aiff, tiff, mp4, mp3, avi, etc. over memory card of variety of brands Transcend, HP, Sony, SanDisk, Kingston, Samsung, Strontium, etc. can be reclaimed by utilization of this application. Sometime users need to rescue some of the specific files from card, such demanded by consumers is well supported by this utility which can perform recovery of data on basis of file name, size, date of creation and file format. Various types of memory card are supported by this tool such as SD, SDHC, mini SD, SDXC and micro SD. It has gained universal appreciation for file recoup over memory card due to its awesome scanning algorithm and one of the finest GUI (Graphic User Interface). Such feature entitles any of the users of memory card whether be novice or expert for file recoup. Files which are rescued by making use of program can preview them before saving at any location of any storage drive.

Recover Memory Card Software utility is available over internet for downloading which can be used for trial basis, if satisfied it can be bought later.

Software to Retrieve Files from SDHC card on Mac

Now-a- days memory cards have become very common. Files such as text files, audio songs, video clips, photos and other files can be easily stored in your memory card. Various forms of memory card available in the market are SD card, CF card, MMC card, Smart Media card, etc. SDHC (Secure Digital High capacity) is one of the most popular variant of SD format since it provides high data storage capacity and is so portable that you can easily this device along with you wherever you travel.

These SDHC memory cards can be utilized in different forms of electronic devices like digital camcorders, laptops, computers, digital cameras, GPS navigation devices, video game consoles and many more digital products. With the help of card reader you can connect these SDHC cards to Mac computer. Though it provides various enhanced and useful features, there are certain situations in which you may lose all your precious files saved on the SDHC card. Are you worried of losing your precious picture files, favorite songs, etc from SDHC card? No need to think much about your data!!!

Just use Card recovery tool which can effectively perform SDHC card recovery Mac just in few simple steps.

Listed below are some of the major reasons which are accountable for loss of files from SDHC card on Mac OS X:

Common data loss scenarios:

  • Connecting SDHC memory card to a virus infected Mac computer can corrupt the memory card which in turn results in inaccessibility of stored files which could lead to data loss.
  • Clicking images continuously from digital camera when it is on low battery can corrupt the files saved in cameras SDHC memory card resulting in loss of data.
  • In case you have formatted your SDHC card without taking backup of valuable files then you might end up losing all your significant photos and other files stored on it.
  • Any type of interruptions that occurs while transferring data from Mac computer to SDHC memory card can corrupt the SDHC card thereby making the files stored on the device inaccessible causing data loss.
  • Synchronization errors generated while using the SDHC card on Mac operating system computers is the other reasons which might lead to loss of data.
  • Improperly removing the SDHC memory card from the Mac machine can cause file system corruption which does not allow the user to access the files leading to data loss.

It is always suggested to create backup of crucial files and store it on some good data storage device. This backup up copy will help you to restore your lost or deleted files when you lose your data. In case if you don’t have backup copy then no need to get panic and make use of card recovery tool. This recovery software can easily recover photos from SDHC card which are lost due to any of these loss scenarios.

This card recovery tool makes use of powerful scanning engine that scans the entire device in order to identify file types and then by making use of their file attributes you can easily restore the lost or deleted files. This recovery utility not only supports file recovery on Mac OS X but also performs data recovery Windows based computers. You can know more details about this card recovery software by simple visiting this link.

Few easy steps to utilize card recovery tool:-

From here you can download the demo version of the card recovery software and install it on your Mac based computer. After installation, by double clicking on the desktop icon you can run the recovery application and choose appropriate recovery options which you get while working with the tool. Once you are done with your data recovery process you can judge the functionality of the application, If you find that card recovery tool had done recovery as per your requirement then you can buy its licensed version from the internet.