How to use Outlook with Gmail Account

As you know that you can configure any email address to work with MS Outlook but most of them use Gmail as its larger than other email service provider and facilitates protection against spam. Gmail also hosts its own cloud server and configuring it with MS Outlook can be beneficial. However, the best way to get started with cloud computing is to use a cloud-based e-mail service such as Gmail rather than server-based Microsoft Exchange. Well, here in this page, we will see how to configure Outlook with Gmail account.
MS Outlook can be configured to work with Gmail but before configuring Outlook to work with Gmail, you must configure Gmail to work with Outlook. For this, you need to enable the IMAP protocol for your Gmail account. Here are steps to enable IMAP.
• First, log into your Gmail account.
• Then click the gear icon at the top right and then choose Settings.
• Next, hit on Forwarding and POP/IMAP to bring up the POP and IMAP settings.
• Now, click on Enable IMAP.
• Finally, click on Save Changes.
After configuring Gmail for IMAP, you can now add your Gmail account to Outlook. Here we are using Outlook 2013.
• Start Outlook 2013.
• Then choose File > Account Settings.
• In the Account Settings dialog box, hit on New.
• Now choose Email Account and then click on Next.
• Next, choose Manual Setup or Additional Server Types, and click on Next.
• Choose Pop or IMAP, then hit Next.
• Now in the Add Account page, enter the information.
• Next, click More Settings.
• Then hit on the Outgoing Server tab.
• Choose My Outgoing Server (SMTP) requires authentication.
• Select Use Same Settings As My Incoming Mail Server.
• Next hit on the Advanced tab and enter the information:
• Later, click OK to close the More Settings dialog box.
• Hit on Next.
• Have patience while Outlook tests the connection.
• When it completes, click Close. (In case, if the test is not successful, double-check all your entries.)
• Finally, click Finish.
Now your MS Outlook inbox is configured with your Gmail account and so you can directly check your Gmail rather than using Outlook. Thus, it eliminates the need for a browser to open your email inbox and is secure than any browser due to SSL encryption. Though many of you may prefer Outlook for your daily email needs, but setting up your Gmail account will add few enhancements to it. You can even add other email addresses to work with MS Outlook for a secure email solution.
At times, you may want to take backup of Outlook data in various situations. In such situations, just download and install Outlook Backup and Migrate tool which helps in taking backup of Outlook data. This Outlook tool free download is available to evaluate the application performance. With this tool, you can even migrate Outlook data to various Outlook versions. This tool can be used before formatting the drive, to move Outlook to a new PC, while upgrading Outlook, etc. Works well on all latest Windows versions including Windows 10.

Know Which Is The Best microSD Card

lsjdsIt is found that the best microSD is 64GB Samsung EVO Plus for most of the people, after 40 hours of testing and research. This SD card is cost effective and versatile card that is tested in this year, with write speeds for tablets or phones and speedy random read plus fast sequential speeds for other uses.

For the tablet and phone use the write speeds and speedy random read are ideal for the EVO Plus and to shoot 1080p video its sequential write speed is fast enough. Without spending a lot of money you can only get this as the fastest card.

For your Nintendo 3DS XL or 3DS if you need a microSD, then you should get the 32GB version of our pack instead.

If the EVO Plus costs more than $30 or if it is out of stock, then you need to opt for 64GB Samsung EVO instead. The read speed of the EVO Plus is double the sequential read speed of the EVO, but when compared with our pack the EVO is usually a couple dollars cheaper, and it has faster random write and read speeds when compared to other competition and to record1080p video it is still faster enough.

The favorite action camera for the owners of the GoPro Hero4 it is liked to have 64GB Lexar 633x. For that camera at the time of publications by the GoPro it is the least expensive recommended card.

These days not many devices use microSD cards. Before purchasing a SD card first of all you need to check whether the SD card is needed to you or your device will support the microSD cards or not. Nowadays most of the smartphones are manufactured without the SD cards such as Windows Phones, iPhones and even flagship Android phones, because they are dependent on microSD slots.

Some of the devices will support the microSD card but also there will be sufficient internal memory such as Moto X Pure Edition, LG G4, the Nvidia Shield tablet, and Moto G. So there will be no use of buying microSD card in such devices.

Tips to Move Android Apps to an SD Card

Android OS was introduced by the Google, which is implied for different smartphones. Android has many advanced applications that made the life easier and faster, that intern saves the time of the users. Each and every app occupies different amount of memory. Sometimes the phone memory may have less storage capacity, so installing many or big sized apps are impossible. To have free space in the phone memory you need to move Android apps to the SD card.

move-apps-to-sd-card-on-android-4.3-devicesWith an inexpensive micro SD card, the ability to expand the storage space is one of the biggest advantages of most of the Android smartphones. Generally 128 GB of additional space is allowed by Android smartphones and 16-32 GB of internal storage space is allowed.

Of course micro SD is not allowed by all of the handsets. Notably the Samsung Galaxy S6 dropped the feature, for example on the handset with micro SD card, the ability to move apps is handy in order to lighten the load on the internal storage. But every handset will not support this and also this can be only done for specific apps.

1) Firstly you need a SD card. In the first step this may sounds like a silly, but to look out for there is a couple of possible pitfalls. Before buying a micro SD card you need to check your handset limit because there are huge micro SD cards, but different Android handset has different maximum capacities. There is no use of buying a 128GB card when your device has only 32GB capacity.

The second thing to keep in point is that, you should buy SD cards through reputable retailers. There are many cheap SD cards on Amazon or eBay Marketplace, but mostly there will be some fake cards, that are smaller, unreliable and advertised. So be careful and don’t take the risk.

2) Head to the settings of the phone and on the list scroll down to Apps. First list of every app can be seen on your phone.

3) See how much space is occupied by an app by tapping on that particular app. When you scroll down, there you will see a button labeled as “Move to SD card”. On some handsets submenu of this labeled Storage is available on some handsets. If it is blanked out, then this feature doesn’t support this app.

4) Repeat this procedure to all the apps which you want to move to SD card. You just go back if they start misbehaving and if not press “Move to phone” one by one to move each app.

Intel’s Computer Stick With its new Looks and Design

Intel’s compact StickThis Year Intel’s compact Stick form factor will be getting faster than earlier. Now as the basics of the first generation, Intel design a pair of Compute Stick with many things new in it and also the new core series processor which works based on the sixth generation. This core chip M processor architecture will support the working on the sixth generation of Intel and here M is the series which is used to design the chip of this stick and it is very advanced when compared to the others. It uses the concept of the other first generation but anyhow it never works as same as earlier. It is totally faster than the earlier chips.You may have idea about the first chip model which was designed with Intel Core m3 processor and starting price of that device was $399, £272 and AU$564 at different places of the World. It is not much powerful core when compared to the latest one that is of m5 series which included many features and its cost $499, £341 and AU$706 and the main thing about this two that these two chips are well supported by the Windows latest version that is Windows 10.

While coming its features, its supports 64 GB of storage and capable of 4GB internal memory and have 802.11 ac Wi-Fi connectivity. Three USB connections are well designed in this device. From this feature, you can transfer data in a faster rate and also the task can be completed in a lesser time.

Intel’s compact Stick

Applications of this Device:

It is especially designed for connecting to the Windows 10 and other desktop, but including this you can also connect to the TV and then can change the TV and run as computer. With this you can perform the different task on the desktop of TV with the help of this Stick. There is also availability of the larger device which can be get in an USB flash drive which usually make home theater PC (HTPC).

Have you ever heard about the processor introduced by the Intel in addition to the more powerful and pricier Core M Compute Stick and the Atom x5 processor is designed which works very faster than the earlier one as it is designed with impressive technique. You should know about its cost and specification so that you may buy this in future or now and get benefited with its application. 32GB of storage and 2GB of memory will be the inbuilt designed of this model Atom Z8300 processor its cost for $159, £108,and AU$225 and it is well supported Bluetooth and it also come with 802.11ac Wi-Fi connection.

Advanced Technical Terms Related to Display Devices

resIn this era of technology, mostly peoples wants to use advanced and latest thinks by which they can feel and utilize the benefit and its features. In such advanced technology, there are many terms by which allows to user to take the real time effects. In the term of high definition television or computer monitor, there are various thinks such as resolutions, panel types, refresh rates, etc. by which people feel the real things. These terms are most important in the term of quality of display device.

The term resolution in computer monitor, high definition television, laptops or other display device is the amount of individual pixels in each dimension on screen which can be shown. It can be an indistinct term, particularly as the showed resolution is controlled by various elements in CRT (cathode ray tube), flat panel display which contains liquid crystal displays, or projection displays using fixed image element arrays. It is commonly mentioned as the multiplication of display device width to its height, with the units in pixels. Let us describe it with the help of an example, “1280 × 960” means the height is 960 pixels and width is 1280 pixels.

In general, monitors and other display devices are coming in various resolution and screen size. To develop these display devices like (Liquid Cristal Display) LCD there are many panel technologies used like IPS, VA, PLS, AHVA and TN. TN (Twisted Nematic) is relevant inexpensive display which is the most common consumer display. The pixel response time on Twisted Nematic panels is adequately fast to avoid the shadow trail and ghosting items of previous production.

IPS (In-Plane Switching) was designed by Hitachi organization in 1996 to improve on view angle and color reproduction of Twisted Nematic panels in particular time. The name of IPS comes from the variations from Nematic panels. Basically, it IPS the crystal molecules move parallel to the panel plane in its place of perpendicular to it.

The next term is refresh rate, it considers the affects responsive the monitor looks and feels to the user. Most of the liquid crystal display monitor runs at 60 Hz refresh rate of under their built-in resolution. It indicates that up to 60 distinct frames of information displays in every second with a 16.66 micro second ‘gap’ between the frames. Refresh rate value can be altered, but the value must be predefined. In normal monitor, refresh rate value cannot be changed. There are some select LCD monitor which runs in their built-in resolutions at a refresh rate of 120Hz or higher in sometime.