How to Recover Data from RAW Hard Drive?

“I have a problem with my hard drive as I cannot access my files which are saved on E partition of my system. It shows hard Recover Partition
drive becomes RAW and gives a warning error like my disk in drive E is not formatted. I need to recover those files as it contains my essential data of office work. Can anyone suggest me 
how to recover data from RAW hard drive?”

When hard drive becomes RAW, it displays the disk as 0 bytes and you cannot access the data which are saved on it. In order to access the data from the RAW hard disk, first of all, you need to format those drive which eventually results in huge data loss from that partition. So, in such circumstances, you can opt Partitions Recovery Software to recover data from RAW hard drive.

Reasons for hard drive becoming RAW:

  • Power failure or improper system termination while accessing data from the hard drive
  • Hard disk failure due to hardware or software malfunction
  • Improper changes in the file system make the hard drive RAW
  • Severe virus or malware infection
  • Improper changes made to boot section of the hard drive
  • Software malfunctioning
  • Hard disk drives cable problem
  • Bad sector
  • File system structural damage
  • Partition table damage
  • Re-installation of operating system
  • System re-installation
  • Damaged Master Boot Record
  • Malfunction of Windows operating system
  • Interruption while formatting or reformatting or hard drive re-partitioning process

However, data lost from RAW hard drive can be recovered with the help of recovery program like Partitions Recovery Software would be the right choice in such circumstances. This software brings back the lost partitions or lost partitions from the hard drive which turns RAW due to any of the above-mentioned reasons. It supports the recovery of files such as pictures, music, videos, documents, RAW images, compressed files, etc. from RAW hard drive as well as from various storage device like memory cards, external hard drive, pen drives, memory sticks, pen drive, etc.

Various errors message when hard drive becomes RAW:

  • Invalid media type reading drive
  • Windows cannot access the disk
  • the type of the file system is RAW\
  • CHKDSK is not available for RAW drives
  • Abort, Retry, Fail?
  • File system is displayed as “RAW”
  • File names contain “weird” characters
  • Sector not found” messages
  • There was an error accessing drive E: The disk is not formatted

Features of Partitions Recovery Software:

  • This software recovers lost data from RAW hard drive, inaccessible drive, and corrupt partition on all major versions of Windows and Mac operating system.
  • It is compatible with file systems like FAT 32, FAT 16, NTFS 5, ExFAT, NTFS, etc.
  • You can try the demo version of the software to evaluate the performance of the software. If you are satisfied with the tool then purchase licensed version in order to save recovered data.
  • Use the “Preview” option of the software to preview the recovered data from RAW hard drive before restoration.

Solution to Retrieve Files from Formatted Hard Disk Drive

The hard drives that are the best source of data storage are known by all the computer users. The system hard drive that is also called as internal hard drive is built-in hard drive for all the desktops and laptops. In this hard drive it stores operating system program files and the files that user stores.  And external hard drive is one that is externally connected to the system to store and fetch useful data or it is widely used to backup required files from system hard drives for safer side. Hard drives are portable hence they can be mounted on different systems to store data and easily removed when it is not required. Also drives like pen drive, memory cards, USB drives, etc are widely used in various electronic gadgets. Storing data on these hard drives is heavily easy and losing the data is also high.

The most commonly occurring scenario of data loss from hard drives is hard drive format. Let us see what is format? Formatting is a process of erasing the data of hard disk and increasing the accessibility of that drive. The process erases all the files and folders present on the drive and check the accessibility of read or write operation on that disk drive. And also during the process of formatting there occur a lot of mistakes that lead to loss of precious data. Here are the scenarios of data loss:

Overwriting the Formatted Hard Drive: Assume, that you have accidentally formatted a hard drive like Western Digital and lost all the data present on it. So in this case if you try to store any new data onto that drive, it overwrites the lost files wherein you cannot recover it using any recover software.

Improper Way of Creating the Backup Data – While creating backup of files before you perform format process on a hard drive, wrong way of backup like creating shortcuts instead of saving it in a location might corrupt the files and thus files become inaccessible and data is lost.

Formatting Wrong Partition- During formatting certain partitions on the hard drive if you format the partition containing important files instead of empty partition then you lose the useful data.

Formatting the Hard Drive without any Back Up- If you format or re-format any hard drive without taking backup of important files then all the data will be lost.

All the above mentioned situations are the various reasons behind data loss from hard drives. Therefore you have to perform formatted hard drive recovery on the hard drive with the help of powerful data recovery tool named Formatted Hard Drive Recovery software which is the easy way to restore lost data from various kinds of hard disk drives. The software easily recovers all formatted data because it has certain notable features to perform recovery.

Advanced Features of Formatted Hard Drive Recovery Software:

  • Formatted Hard Drive Recovery tool retrieves various file types like DOC, TXT, XLS, etc files and folders from formatted hard drives
  • Recovers all corrupted files from virus affected hard drives and storage devices.
  • Restores lost files from formatted Western Digital hard drive and all other storage devices.
  • Retrieves all the media files of all file types like MPEG, JPG, CR2, MP4, MOV, MRW, etc.
  • The software can be easily utilized to recover data from formatted re-formatted hard drives.
  • It also helps in restoring formatted data from various storage devices. This utility supports on various versions of operating systems of both Windows and Mac OS.
  • You can make use of this recover utility to perform formatted hard drive recovery for various kinds of hard drives.

Recover Data from Formatted Hard Disk

Hard drive is the storage device inside the computer that holds bulk of user data. It is permanent storage device that can hold hundred GB’s of data those are not processed by user at a time. It is also called secondary storage device and its access is slower as compared to primary storage device. For organizing the data in a proper way partitioning of the hard drive is required. Before installing the files on the hard drive we must need to make it usable by creating a new file system on that RAW hard drive so as to store data. The entire process of creating the new file system on the RAW hard drive is called formatting. Reformatting of hard drive is also possible which deletes all the stored data from hard drive and creates a new file system on that hard drive. The popular types of file systems used on Windows and Mac operating systems are: FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, EX-FAT, HFS+ and HFS X etc.

Reasons for Formatting of Hard drive:

Accidental formatting of hard drive: While formatting the hard drive partition accidentally wrong drive is selected; this can cause the deletion of entire data from hard drive.

Formatting of hard drive due to corruption: In case the hard drive gets damaged due to some logical issues. In such cases your hard disk can become inaccessible. Then, in order to regain hard drive access, formatting is required. But formatting deletes the entire data stored on the hard drive and at a later stage you need to recover those deleted data using any data recovery software.

Formatting while converting the one file system from another: While changing the file system of hard drive partition from one file system to another like FAT to NTFS or any other file system; it formats the entire data stored on that partition. So, in order to prevent data loss proper backup of hard drive partition is required. If user forgets to take backup of hard drive data then entire data stored on that partition will be lost.

Other scenarios where formatting is required: Some other scenarios are like boot sector corruption, partition damage due to installing more than one operating system on same partition , virus and malware infection, improper operation and bad sector creation on hard disk etc also requires the formatting of hard drive.

If you are facing data deletion scenarios due to formatting of hard drive then you can use Unformat Drive Data Recovery software to recover data from formatted hard drive easily in very few simple steps. Unformat Drive Data Recovery software is the most efficient utility designed to recover deleted data from formatted hard drive. It is one of the most recommended solutions to recover deleted data from formatted hard drive.

Features of Unformat Drive Data Recovery software:      

  • Unformat Drive Data Recovery software easily recovers deleted data from formatted hard drives on following Mac operating system platforms like Leopard, Mavericks, Yosemite and OS X etc.
  • It also recovers deleted files from formatted hard drives on all versions of Windows operating systems like Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 2003 and 2008 server etc.
  • The tool recovers the deleted files from formatted, unformatted, partially formatted and repartitioned hard drives.
  • By using this recovery tool, recovery of deleted data from un-mounted, lost and deleted Mac volumes is also possible.
  • Recovering of deleted files from following hard drive partitions like FAT, Extended FAT, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS X etc can also be achieved using Unformat Drive Data Recovery software.

Best Way to Unformat Formatted Data from Xbox 360 Hard Drive

Xbox 360 is one of the popular video game console, which permits users to play high definition games. This is very useful in reducing strain and depression, improves your skill, and makes you happy etc. Xbox 360 can be used to play games in both online and offline mode. Since the games that are saved in Xbox are achieved, played and managed with incredible eagerness and interest. In this way, if because of some reason, it gets formatted then an extremely unnerving circumstance produces for the users. This discouraging information misfortune situation can be easily solved by making use of Unformat Data software. This application unformats formatted Xbox 360 hard drive data within few clicks upon it.

Reasons behind formatting of Xbox 360 hard drive are explained as follows

  • Unintentional formatting: Whole data presented in particular hard drive gets deleted by using format option. But somehow this powerful option used unintentionally by pressing on ‘Format’ results in deletion of entire information put away in Xbox 360 hard drive.
  • Corruption of file system: File system corruption is most regular reason that found in formatting Xbox 360 hard drives. At whatever point if you connect xbox360 to virus infected computer, it will debases file system of xbox360 hard drive and requests that you to format persuasively by showing error message like “drive need to format, do you want to format it?” in such condition on the off chance that you reaction emphatically, your information stored in xbox360 will gets deleted.
  • Abrupt ejection: It is constantly prescribed to take after legitimate strategy for ejecting xbox360 hard drive from computer system. Sometimes on the off chance that you neglected to take after proper ejecting procedure causes to Xbox 360 file system corruption. This makes all game files presented in xbox360 hard drive to become inaccessible. In such condition to make it access, the only option left is formatting. If you do so, all Xbox360 files become unavailable.

To overcome from aforementioned formatting situations, one must need to keep up proper backup for files, and need to scan frequently by antivirus software. In the event that you neglect to take after these precautionary measures then make use of Unformat Data software to recover formatted data from Xbox 360 hard drive more effectively within few clicks.

Striking features of Unformat Data software.

Unformat Data software is more popular and award winning recovery software for restoring formatted data from Xbox 360 hard drives. It can perform recovery of formatted information from xbox360 hard drive most successfully in extremely comfortable and simple way. This application has built in scanning algorithm to perform recovery of formatted information within few minutes.

This application is better suitable with both Windows (Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008) and Mac (Mac OS X 10.5.x or more including Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks) operating system. In addition it recovers formatted information from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, EXTFAT, HFS+, HFSX, file system. And likewise recover files from formatted hard drive, external drive, USB drive and Flash memory cards.

Learn How to Recover Windows Hard Drive Data

There are many OS available in market such as Windows, Mac, LINUX, and UNIX. Among all operating system Windows is the most popular one. Most of the computer users prefer using Windows OS, as it is having simple graphical user interface. But, now-a-days none of the OS is left which is totally immune from data loss scenarios. Data loss due to formatting of system hard drive is became quite common among Windows users and still the people are in doubt that weather recovery is possible or not or if yes then how to recover files from Windows hard drive?

Let’s consider a simple scenario it will help you to come out from dilemma. One day you turn on your system to check out some documents, but you get shocked after finding this that you are unable to access those files. I know it is such a threat full moment, but this is what users face in their day to day life. At this situation formatting a hard drive is an easiest option, which users usually adopt. Formatting a drive will erase each and every file from it. If you are experiencing such situation, where due to hard drive corruption you have to format you drive data, then don’t get upset, because data from formatted hard drive can be easily recovered back by using Windows recovery tool.  

Formatting a drive doesn’t mean that you lost your files permanently and you never get it back. In reality files is actually not removed and present somewhere in hard drive itself. Only the pointers which are directing to the address location of the deleted files are removed or set as free. Therefore, there is a possibility to recover data from formatted drive, if that vacant space is not overwritten with the new files.

There are so many scenarios which lead to formatting and cause data loss file system corruption is one of them. Every storage drive has its some particular file system, which have a record of each and every files /folders stored in it. If this file system gets crashed / corrupt the files present in the drive became inaccessible. To sort out this problem make use of Windows recovery tool.

Virus or malware attack on hard drive, bring inaccessibility of the drive and to make it readable users have to format it and suffer huge data loss. To handle this issue, Windows recovery tool is the most suitable option. This tool has built with special inbuilt scanning algorithm. These algorithms will deeply scan the entire formatted drive and restores all erased files.

If you are using an authorized tool to correct data, the tool may delete the file in case of severe corruption. If you don’t possess a backup then you definitely use Windows recovery software. In addition to this OS re-installation, files transfer error, OS crash, hard drive, emptying Recycle Bin, deleting a file using Shift + delete combination are some other reasons which ends up with file loss.

In-spite of above mentioned scenarios, there are many more scenarios which still unknown and occur randomly. To tackle such known and unknown windows recovery tool is the right choice. This software is the most effective Windows recovery application. You didn’t face any difficulty while using the software because the software manual contains snapshots also, which will guide you in using the tool. Through preview option you can preview your recovered files before saving. Get trial version of this tool first and estimate the probability of recovery. If you’re satisfied with trial version outcome, then go for the licensed version of the tool to save recovered data.

Precautions that must be followed

  • Make sure that you have backup your crucial files, before custom installation or re-installation of Windows 7 OS.
  • Use UPS in order to avoid sudden system turn off, it also direct you towards minimizing OS corruption as well as other file damages as a result of sudden switch off.
  • Install antivirus in your PC or laptop to protect it from virus attack.
  • Please stop using the hard disk after facing data loss and make sure you do not save any data to the hard disk.

Easiest method to recover deleted partition on WD hard drive

Computers play a vital role in human’s life. Most of the technologies are depending on this only. What makes the computer so vital for each of us? The answer to this query is “data”. There are lots of brands of hard disk drive are available in market, among them WD hard disk drive is the most famous one. For storing data in proper manner and we divide the memory location of hard disk, we split it into partition that partitions are having their very own file system. Windows operating system use FAT and NTFS file system to help keep a record of all the data stored in it.

But now-a-days data stored in hard drive just isn’t all safe, even WD hard disk drive users are facing data loss issues. When the partition gets deleted it will results a massive data loss. Have you ever accidentally deleted partition from WD hard disk drive? Now wondering to get a means to recover it, then you are in right way. Leave all of your tensions aside and download HDD partition recovery tool. This application can assist you to recover deleted partition along with its files and folders. HDD partition recovery application was designed by experts who are having years of experience in the filed of recovery.

Generally while deleting unwanted partition user accidentally delete wrong partition. As partition contains numerous file inside, so for this small mistake they must pay a whole lot. In the event you stuck in in these situation and blaming yourself for your mistake. Then stop carrying this out because from HDD partition recovery still you’ve got a possibility to recover your deleted partition. This tool scans the complete hard disk and recovers the deleted partition along with its all files and folders. You can also recover corrupted hard disk drive data with the help of it.

Partition also gets deleted once you reinstall your OS. While reinstalling OS, you have an option to format the partition. Sometime in a hurry, user’s unknowingly click on delete partition option which often leads to data loss. At such circumstances make use of HDD partition recovery software and restore your lost data back. This software recovers the delete partition since it was before deletion. When a partition is deleted, it is no longer recognized by the system whereas the data from that partition is intact and can be recovered back. Using advance partition recovery like HDD partition recovery you will be able to recover your important files and folders from your deleted partition.

Losing precious details are such a painful situation. So whatever would be the reason behind partition deletion, use HDD partition recovery application. This recovery software has special algorithms that find the deleted file on hard disk partition on the bases of its file extension. This software can recovers deleted partitions from various hard disk brands including: Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba, Kingston, Samsung and much more. The program has a trial offer version, utilizing the trial version it is possible to judge the functionality with the software. From here you can choose the trial version of this tool. It facilitates you to preview the recovered files before restoration. However, to save recovered data you have to select licensed version of the software.




Recovery tools have to be employed in order to get the data back

A variety of Hard drive and solution to the situation if arson with these hard disk.

To clarify hard drive will be somewhat sense less is simply because if you are using system or laptops or perhaps who is just in touch of technology is surly be understanding what actually hard disk is. Devices are designed with much complexity because there are algorithms inside it are very complex of course, if something fails then there will come some issues which may be harmful for your data in the hard drive.

This discussion and representation of article is always to understand what errors may be caused and what ways exists to stop before the data could be lost.

The foremost issue you may meet with is data loss from hard drive crash or partition loss.

So later you will be learning to restore hard drive but before you decide how you could find out to escape your data to obtain corrupted or wander off.

Firstly you will find different losses scenarios for you which you can face or you may be facing right now.

Partition loss can cause the great loss of data, hard disk drive crash, corruption in boot sectors making hard disk refusing to mount from system. To recover hard disk drive partitions there are many ways but as well as considered that why these corruption and loss of data scenarios occurs or what is the real reason for this loss.

No I believe you could have thought nevertheless, you wouldn’t reach towards the arisen point. No bothering issue is that simply you have to conserve the scenarios which are mentioned below and additional it is possible to keep up with the data.


• Turing of your product is a real sensitive task which needs little time as well as the correct way to offer the right way but people generally neglect the way at the conclusion lose their data.
• There are many malfunctioned programs which can be associated with some internet domains or software downloads and activates at that time when you use it, and the ones not knowing this generally don’t install the antivirus within the system which is very important for his or her data.
• Connecting your hard drive to the people systems which are infected can transfer the virus to the hard drive and also at the final cause corruption.

Better way to get cautions is always to follow some rules understanding that it you must do.

First of all you should develop a string support which will keep yourself safe side despite complete loss, whereas similar part is played by restoring points which can be required to ensure that if deleted file by accident could be retrieved, formatting and reformatting of hard disk drive have to be done cautiously.
An issue that people must know, that whatever they must do after the data is loss.

In most in the cases some precautions are there which in terms cause data loss, so better to utilize software to recoup the data you can choose the download links online which may perform recovery for you personally as needed.


Recuperation of lost data from hard disk

Day today life we’ve got the technology which has covered us from all side from fan to iPods each is the invention with technology. Most commonly used products are computer systems and in addition to this you’ll find hard disks which are employed to save the data. Many more tools are there that are used to save the data though the most prominently used devices are hard drives because it have the capacity to save the data in large number and now they may be so compatible which is often used in the vast majority of computer systems.

There are specific algorithms which are there within the hard disk this agreement all our data is processed and it is saved with the desired location. But as these algorithms are designed so consciously compared to what they have to be used carefully and if not there will be loss of data. Data losses are extremely common and so are due to the conducts of users, but hard disk recovery is achievable.

Crashed hard drive data recovery is demanded with the user frequently. Before recovery the beginning has to know how come he/she is happens where data loss is occurred.

Some types of data loss ways as well as irrecoverable state:

• Hard drive crash.
• Partition loss form hard drive.
• Physical damage (offers some time irrecoverable).
• Drive wipe act on hard disk.
• Defragmentation of hard drive.
• Over writing of data after loss occurs on the same location on hard drive.

A number of ways which in response are the best method to loss of data.

• Ejecting of hard disk without the need for the security removal options which in terms may cause data loss.
• Connecting computer drives for the unsecured medium line LAN, WAN or MAN.
• Malfunctioned program basically designed to destruct the information on hard drive.

Some precautions from the scenarios which leads to saving of data.

• Protecting your hard disk drive and OS also by installing antivirus on the system.
• Ejecting hard drive through the use of safely remove option in order that data is not corrupted.
• Keeping strong backup in certain of the reliable sources in an attempt to keep the data regularity.
• Restoring point also plays a vital role in storing the important stage of OS.

But if the precaution just isn’t working you will need additional thing to execute with your system. However, you have followed every one of the precaution yet still believe that important computer data isn’t secured than merely one option you ought still having may be the use of recovery.

For this file recovery you’ll need some third party tool which has to download from online. As internet is vast you’ll find amount of software are available which blames to provide the top recovery outcomes but don’t believe in them only to follow this you should download the trial version with the software which is available for free than in case you feels how the requirement that you simply was demanding for is completed than you can pick the fuller version else that can be done recovery with using some other tools.


Getting back data from hard disk

Let’s talk about some weird condition which can make you worry. IF you lost your data and find yourself in data recovery job, then probably you will be in a little worry, but if you find that you don’t have backup or you didn’t even set up the restoring point.


Just kidding but think if you have to face such problem in which you have no option on your own to recover your data. There are certainly solutions to different problems. But before this you actually need to know the condition from which you are suffering. There are certain conditions in which people thinks that they are confronting the data loss and get panic but they are not know about the actual situation.

But if one is facing the situation of data loss and really he/she feels that there is obligation of data recovery then there are some points which needs to be underlined.

Note: If in case or in event you feels that your data is lost from your hard drive that be cautious   on the account of saving data on that particular drive, that is because the data which is still in the case of recovery will be overwritten with the other data and recovery will become harder.

To perform hard drive recovery can be easy (will see later how?). People are using Mac OS which can also have the data loss as there is much security and indivisibleness. The data loss in Mac from hard disk will be notes as volume data loss or data loss from trash (recycle bin) as the terminology differs.

But as the recovery is possible in the Windows it is also possible in Mac, we don’t have any different ways to recover data on Mac. We need hard drive recovery software for Mac as we need in windows.

The rules and regulation are there in every field, the usage of hard disk is also having some rules but are neglected as a result there is a data loss. There are number of ways in which data can be saved and they are also concluded as precautionary steps like to create restoring points, backup creations, good power supply, and updating antivirus in the system  as there are the option to save the data.

Most of the users suffer from data loss from their hard disk, USB drives, memory card, flash drives, iPods, and phones. Most of the time their own conducts or the ways they interact with their devices are not appropriate and eventually there is data loss.

But if the data is lost from drive then you need to use the recovery software. Recovery software made it easy to recover the data from hard disks as they are provided with snap shots. Even though there are many in numbers and are available on internet easily, but to select the software is tough deal, so you can better use the trail version of the software so that it can be judged on your criteria and if proves to be good enough then download the complete version of it.

How to perform formatted hard drive recovery

Computers have become common gadgets these days and users use them to store data. Whatever the users stores on computer is saved on hard drive. Hard drive is a main part of the computer which is responsible to store user’s data. There are different types of hard disk such as SATA, SCSI, ATA, IDE etc, even though hard drive are of different types the primary function of it is to save and retrieve data. Hard drive comes in various sizes ranging from 160 GB to 2 TB. The hard disk can be partitioned into many drives so as to segregate the data. The motive behind segregation is to separate operating system files and user stored files.

Sometimes, user may upgrade the system with new operating system and format the system without saving important data from it. In such cases user might be wondering as how to recover the data from the formatted hard drive. Formatted hard drive recovery can be done using data recovery software.

There are several scenarios where data from the hard drive can be formatted. Some of the most common senrios are listed below

  • Accidentally formatting partition on hard drive: – While formatting the computer accidentally selecting and formatting the wrong partition on the hard drive can result in data loss from the computer.
  • Converting file system: – Occurrence of error while converting the hard drive file system from FAT to NTFS can lead to corruption of the hard drive. When file system gets corrupted hard drive becomes inaccessible and data is almost lost from the hard drive.
  • Installing of multiple OS on single hard drive: – It is noticed that users install dual operating system on single computer. There might be corruption of partition while user trying to make dual OS boot installation.

When hard drive is formatted operating system does not deleted the data permanently from the hard drive. It only erases the index pointing to the data. Hence the data is invisible and users assume that it has been deleted permanently from the hard drive.

Whatever might be the reason for data being formatted from the hard drive, it can always be recovered using data recovery software’s. Remo Recover (Windows) – Pro Edition is one such software which is most trusted under any data loss situation from the hard drive. This software is capable to recover data from FAT 16, FAT 32, ExtFAT and NTFS file system formatted hard drives. This software not only recovers data from formatted hard drive it can also recover data lost or deleted from external hard drive, USB drive, memory cards and other storage devices. The recovered files are displayed on the basis of name, creation date, file size and file type. It has the ability to identify more then 300 file types which include images, songs, videos etc. Software gives an option to preview the files before recovering. The demo version of the software is distributed for free on Remo Software website, where in the users can download the demo version and evaluate the recovered results. Once satisfied with the results users can purchase the full version of the software.