A Legitimate Tool To Restore Lost HDD Data

Hard drives, the name that took computer and its technology to the peak within a short span of 20 years. When the first computer was introduced the maximum data that can be stored in a hard drive of that time is just 2 MB. Later the development of hard drive industry has grown vastly. The maximum data storage of a commercial hard drive increased from 2 MB to 2 TB and beyond. Similarly storage and retrieval of data also had evolved a lot in the recent years. For example in prior years the data transfer rate from in and out of hard drives is less than an mbps. But after consistent improvement in the HDD technology turned the clock all around.

The data that are stored by the user as well as the operating system inside the hard disk also has been updated a lot. Many user defined data and special software programs for processing those data have grown a lot in simultaneous. Also if we take a close look regarding data storage in the hard drive, we found that there is a major drop down in the field of security given to the stored data. Since the mechanism used to avoid data deletion and loss is paid high, the users prefer more recovery process than precautionary process.

Before studying about the data loss and its recovery from hard drive it need to be explained in detail about, how data are stored and what happens on recovery of lost data. When a data is created and stored in a hard drive it is stored in the form of hash tables and index pointers. The hash tables hold the actual data in binary format. The index pointers are similar to the index of a book. These pointers show the actual data location of the stored data in the HDD for the operating system. So that the operating system doesn’t want to traverse unwanted files in the HDD.

Whenever a data is lost or went missing from your hard drive, first check whether the data is misplaced or not. If it’s not misplaced then make it confirmed that the data is lost. Here the actual data in the hash tables will be available only the index pointers will be cleared or erased so that the data stored in the HDD will be no longer available to the user or the operating system. By using good recovery software there is possibility to recover lost data. The recovery software will rebuild the deleted pointers and the data can be recovered with ease.

To recover lost data from hard drive a reputed utility is needed and the utility has to be capable enough to recover lost data in a precised and intellectual manner. A tool with such capacity is explained here. This tool can recover lost data on Mac operating systems more procure. The data lost from almost all situations can be restored easily along with its file id and file structure. This helps the user to stay connected with his / her lost file in Mac operating systems. The scenarios that make your data lost are given below.

  • Ø In Mac operating system due to system failure or system shut down with errors will sometimes lead to a major data loss. In these situations the chances of losing files are pretty more.
  • Ø From time to time while transferring files from USB drives or other media device to Mac computers and if the USB drive is pulled out then critical data loss will be guaranteed without any hesitation.
  • Ø Virus infection or software glitches or where there may be probabilities of data loss either instantly or in slow manner.
  • Ø The other few common situations where power failure, unexpected system shutdown, third party tools, data lost after disk defrag failure etc might also result in loss of files

Advantage of using this tool over others:

This tool recovers lost data on Mac hard drive from all versions of Mac operating systems. The free demo edition is available for the users to estimate the efficiency of lost file recovery before successful purchase. Residential with a strong “Find” option that facilitates you to search any file on the basis of various file attributes like name, size, extension and date of data creation. Sequentially to evade retrieval of not needed files these applications facilitate you to view the recovered data before their restoration. Best tool to recover lost files on Mac OS X Lion, Leopard & Snow Leopard. This tool is the best in restoring lost as well as deleted file recovery on Mac hard drives.


Never opt out for recovery process from a drive wiped or defragmented hard drive. As the internal memories are rearranged during this process recovery is not possible.